Triple Mint E-Cigarette Flavor Packs
  • Triple Mint E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

Triple Mint E-Cigarette Flavor Packs



Group: Menthol
Zero Nicotine
1 – 9 0%
10+ 10%
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A robust, full flavored menthol e-cig flavor. Unlike our other menthol offerings, Triple Mint pair’s menthol with mint flavors rather than tobacco. Natural menthol crystals are combined with peppermint and spearmint essences into one uniquely delicious flavor. This provides a profoundly frigid vaping experience. Triple your pleasure. Triple your fun. Triple Mint gets it done.



Each flavor pack includes five cartridges pre-filled with our exclusive U.S. made VG based premium Vapor Juice.



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    Triple Mint Flavor Cartridge Strengths:
  • Medium – 24mg – 2.4% Our standard strength for an e-cig. Comparable to a full flavored smoke.
  • Low – 12mg – 1.2% A milder strength for vapor cigarettes. Similar to a light tobacco cigarette.
  • Nicotine Free – 0mg – 0.0% Our Non-Nicotine cartridges are completely nicotine free. A zero nicotine option for your e-cigarette.



One pre-filled cartridge lasts as long as 3/4 of a pack of cigarettes. For more info see our FAQ


All PrimeVapor pre-filled flavor cartridges are KR808D-1 compatible.


Can be used with 510 batteries by using optional 510 to KR808D-1 adaptor available here.


For best performance we recommend only using PrimeVapor batteries and chargers, but our cartridges can be used with other KR808D-1 compatible hardware.


  • Star Rating
    By Mary Basnett
    I love, love, love Triple Mint! I consider this flavor to be the prime reason I haven't had a cigarette in over 13 months. I just couldn't have done it without PrimeVapor and Triple Mint. When I told my doctor that I was vaping and not smoking, he entered non-smoker into my chart!! I have a friend who bought e-cigarettes from the drug store. When I checked the ingredients, the first thing on there was "propane". I'm so grateful that I found PrimeVapor.
  • Star Rating
    By Gary Wack
    If you are like me and prefer not to have any nicotine in your flavor cartridges and really really wish they would do the same for their candy cane flavor, than this Triple Mint flavor is for you. Originally, I had reservation as it is really hard to get a good mint flavor without feeling like you are sucking on grandma's outdated mint candies from the cupboard. Triple Mint is a great after-dinner vape in my opinion and the only one that doesn't taste like a menthol (as other company's mints often do). Thanks for another good show. :)
  • Star Rating
    By Ann Flock
    This was my first favorite, but now I like the morning blend the best. They are really good blended together, I use 2 bateries a puff on both at the same time. I am looking forward to the caramel tasting one to come with no nicotine. I'll never smoke another cigarette.

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