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Triple Nickel E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


Thomas Knapp · Jul 2, 2013
I was nervous about the description. I was looking for something that offered me a pleasant tobacco flavor. I used to smoke light 100s, so the idea that these are lights were a good start. But ask anyone and they'll tell you that the smoke isn't the part that draws you into a smoke shop. It's the scent of the tobacco before its lit. The vapor is full and there's plenty of it. The way it hits your tongue, if you pull it like that, feels a lot like smoking. The scent is deceptively sweet and almost caramel-hazelnut. There is definitely a strong flavor to it, but its not overwhelming to vape. There is also a difference between pulling it in with your mouth and dragging with your lungs. Try both and see what you like. Most vapers will tell you a deep pull on their favorite blend is where the best experience is had. I could use this flavor all the time and be happy with it, thus its high marks. I can imagine this being a favorite after dinner vape for some of you. As it turns out this isn't the flavor I was hoping to find, but if your not sure what to get, I'll assure you that this is a safe and very nice place to start. I will probably continue to order this and use it regularly to supplement what I hope to find one day. But right now, its my favorite of the flavors I've tried. Not too sweet or too strong. Superb flavor. Well done. You should definitely try Triple Nickel Lights.