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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Triple Nickel 18mL Vapor Juice

Triple Nickel 18mL Vapor Juice


  • Terry R.
    I am completely addicted to this triple nickel 2.4 vape juice. I began by using the cartridges. Since they have been out of stock I’ve accumulated 7 bottles of this juice from other vendors; none who come close in flavor. Please restock soon. I’m lost without this. It is excellent on all levels: taste, throat hit, vapor and more.
    I like this one as a change from Caramel Mach.,nice throat hit pretty mild and a nutty taste on exhale.
  • Jason Bigby
    This is my favorite flavor -I'm also trying to quit smoking, and the products at PrimeVapor are helping on an unprecedented level. Perfect quality and customer service, as always! Thanks guys!
  • Josie Moore
    I have been using Prime Vapor products for over 4 years and this flavor has been my constant favorite. It has a nice smooth, creamy, nutty, caramel flavor. It is one flavor I think everyone should try.
  • Dave Powers
    Enjoy your very own private concert of taste as abundant lively nutty tones infuse in a symphony of lavish flavors. A smooth tobacco flavor base with warm notes that sing of nuts galore harmonized with subtle vanilla and caramel undertones, pleasing every single taste bud.

    PrimeVapor’s version of 555 is like no other that I've tried in that it retains the value of presenting a nutty tobacco essence without the interference of other sweetening flavors.
  • Katie Bose
    This is my husband's favorite flavor. Thick, rich vapor with a delicious flavor. He uses the juice to top off his cartridges to make them last a little while longer.
  • Jason Bigby
    By far, my favorite Vapor Juice - the smell, the taste; everything about this flavor comes together perfectly.
  • Matthew Gestl
    Mixing Triple Nickel lights with A drop or two of Freeport is the best tasting Vapor Juice i personally have ever tasted.All of my friends ask me to mix them a tank when i see them...i Vape nothing else.. Soo Plz Prime Vapor(Never go out of Business)..i will be in trouble...Prime Vapor Batteries(510) last longer than any batteries i have.. i still have Saturns that other batteries have been bought and
  • Bridget H.
    Very mild and nutty flavor. Doesn't have a harsh bite or give you that burning feeling in the back of your throat.
  • Gerald Furutani
    Very good product - the taste is excellent and I enjoy this product as one of the best from Prime Vapor. Suggest more of a selection for the vapor juice. Will purchase again when the time arrives to re-order. Keep up the good work.