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Tiramisu E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

Tiramisu E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


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  • JOHN K.
    Very nice ,creamy, soft cake taste, little like cm but different, not harsh. Wish it came in e-liquid. JK

  • December S.
    If you are looking to try a new flavor then do so with the Tiramisu cartridge. It has a unique taste and goes great with your morning coffee or tea. I also like to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after dinner but when I want to change it up, the Tiramisu flavor is a wonderful substitute. Prime Vapor has so many distinct and great flavors that sometimes it is hard to choose. To help solve that problem, I make sure I have several flavors on hand to enjoy at any time!

    Happy Vaping!!
  • Wendi Mar
    I enjoyed this flavor very much... similar to the Caramel Macchiato but more angel cake flavor. This will probably be my favorite cartridge when I go nicotine free since it is available in 0mg. Thanks for another great product, Prime Vapor!
  • Kathryn Sozaeva
    Grabbed this in a sampler pack and just love it. Absolutely delicious flavor, smooth and subtly sweet. This is one I'll definitely end up with a cartridge pack!
  • krista seyler
    this one is my go to cart when im craving something sweet ! it has a very cakey flavor to it ! so good !!!!! why eat it when you can vape it !!!! totally guilt free treat !!!!! there should be more cake like flavors . its also very buttery to ! love it !!!!!!
  • Patrick Mulholland
    I really love Tiramisu for the buttery taste, Triple Nickle for the nutty taste.
    Other flavors come in close second to these. But I'm wishing the Hazelnut in the chocolate was much more prominent.
    Make a Hazelnut flavor? Please?
    Your entire product is amazing: American made, no petro-products, good prices. Happy customer. !
  • John F Kennedy
    Bold and decadent. Very sophisticated blend I think. Best dessert vapor !
  • Jason Herbst
    At first, I wasn't so sure about this flavor but man, did it grow on me. I think it may become a regular staple in our household. I especially love this with my morning coffee. The flavor is so rich and complex. I adore it!
  • Laura Carney
    Very nice flavor and very smooth and subtle. I will definitely order this one again.
  • Dee Shaffer
    This was a very nice flavor, strong enough, with good vapor. If you carried 36mg carts, I'd be all over this one.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity to try it.