Tahitian Punch E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


Mildred Locklear · Feb 16, 2013
I had to buy a box of cartridges from the high price cigarette store.I had a problem with my order and I was scare to order again. I call and talk to a very nice man. He has advised me that my order would be talken care of ASAP.I could had not have spoken to a nicer person. Well I going to order again cause I really enjoy The products.And I am sure that this was a over look on some one's part.A bit scary though. Can,t believe that I have not broke down and smoke again .But I think with the help of this products Im really going to beat this habit this round. It has been 6 months for a 38 year smoker. So thanks to the good folks at PrimeVapor and the good Lord and of course ME. Thanks again for the nice man that I dealt with. You are the best.It cost a lot to smoke and not so cheap to quit.That another reason I like PrimeVapor, Can,t beat there price's .And this Tahitian Punch is GREAT.