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Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery

$24.95  $15.95
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Evie Hadlock · Nov 11, 2012
this is what I'm looking for. it looks like some thought went into the entire unit. I love my egos but they played out on me too quickly or got touchy etc. this one sounds like one that would be more reliable . I've got two bottles of e juice I have to use in old mall type carts because I am NOT going to go back to cigarettes. I've cut down nicotine, some cases no nicotine and I simply enjoy a nice vape with a cup of coffee and I do prefer VG. The price is certainly doable and since i began vaping with glycerin only (I'm terribly allergic to PG) I can't believe the improvement in my energy, lungs, stamina and now I'll just vape vanilla to curb a sweet tooth. As a diabetic, cigs were bad enough..when I saw I could get e juice in VG and batteries that last I made the choice. I'm smoke free for four months now. I need to buy a kit because now my spouse who has tried everything has progressing COPD..I actually believe we can stop the progression, he can still enjoy his coffee and lose the nebulizer. I've seen him do it when he used chantix and then while on it our daughter and grand daughter died and he pitched the chantix in the dumpster and I think tried to smoke himself to death. now that we have two wee ones he wants to quit and if I will fix up a small vape he'll use it and now? he's asking..and thats big. This is a great store and several people , one imparticularly from Youtube recommended you and from what I've researched and learned, I'm very impressed. No fun to have the cones and the batteries and none of them work...this one may do it. I'll take one and let you know but I've found in the community of serious e cig stores, service, product quality are critical. if I know I'll be taken care of? I'm a customer for life. nice looking unit.