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Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery

Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery


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  • December S.
    I have been purchasing products from Prime Vapor for a few years and have referred many of my smoker friends to their website. All of their products are top notch, easy to use, easy to clean, and great tasting! The Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery is one of their excellent products as it alerts you when the battery is getting low by a color scheme. The color alerts give you a piece of mind that it will not need charged when you are out and about. Just charge it before you leave the house and you will be all set! The best and most important feature is that you can turn it off so that it will not discharge in your pocket or purse and saves the battery life!!
  • David Whitman
    Great successor to the Rocket Battery, which I still use as well. You can disable the atomizer by pressing the button a few times and you have an LED flashlight. Very nice.
  • Kristen Minnich
    I have seen the reviews that mention malfunctioning Saturns. I, too, have had a lemon, but when I contacted Denise at Prime Vapor, she was very nice and promptly shipped me a replacement.
  • Kristen Minnich
    I absolutely love this battery. I have a whole drawer full of batteries from other e-cig companies, but none compare to the 808 . I can vape all day without recharging. This battery produces more vapor than any e-cig battery I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. You won't be disappointed in this battery.
  • Karen Privett
    These are absolutely the best batteries on the planet..I switched to these after using the regular batteries for a few years and I love them. They charge really fast and they are almost as powerful as using the pass-thru.
  • Jodi Androw
    I have 4 Saturn batteries and have never had one mal- function. I even use the light on end for a flash light when WALKIN my dog at night, works great! Thanks PV another amazing product! Jodi A
  • Jodi Androw
    I have been using the Saturn since PV came out with them. They last twice as long and you don't waste one puff of your battery. My favorite part is the light on the end tells you how close to needing a charge. Thank you PV! I also wanted to add I love that PV runs specials, with the economy we need special savings!
  • Karen Privett
    I had been using the regular batteries for a couple years but decided to try the Saturn. I absolutely love it. The battery lasts so much longer and you get more vapor from it. I still like the regular ones but this Saturn is the best I've ever used. Plus it still fits all the chargers and accessories except the older carrying case but that's no big deal. Karen from Ohio
  • Jodi Androw
    I have 2 of the Saturn batteries, I love them! Always have one charging. They charge quickly and last longer, never waste any of your cartridge, ever! They are great!
  • Angela Shannon
    I am loving my Saturn 808! It actually lasts 8-12hrs depending on how much I'm vaping. I usually go through about 2ml each day or 3 carts. I like that you can stand it up and the flashlight feature, and the black matte has a nice feeling to it.

    The thing I don't get about this type battery is why they make them so that it needs a cone to look good. Why not make them the same color all the way up? But like I say, that's with all the bigger batteries.

    I did not get any instructions with it and had to figure it out on my own since the online instructions pretty much just take you in circles to no where...