Rawhide Red E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


Diana Julian · Oct 31, 2014
There are apparently two people with the same name writing reviews about this flavor. Unlike the other Diana, this is the only flavor from Prime Vapor that I like! It is by far the best in my opinion. However, I did not like the liquid version at all. My problem with Prime Vapor has been faulty materials etc. the cartridge quality has been totally erratic over a three-year. And the battery life is totally unpredictable, that is if you can get a battery that arrives in working order. Then there are the new batteries with the screw-on attachment so they can serve for both liquid and the old-style cartridges. They come apart so that the little piece can get stuck in the charger and have to be removed with pliers. This is real fun:-) This money-making attempt is a bust in my opinion. But the most pressing question on my mind right now is why I cannot write a review about Prime Vapor. (Not just one product.) I would like people to read my comments about the company.