Prime E-Cigarette Case

Prime E-Cigarette Case


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  • Josie M.
    I love the Prime E-Cigarette Case! The case protects my Prime Vapor products and is wonderful to use when I travel. It has many compartments to store cartridges, batteries and I use a separate one for my chargers. These come in a variety of colors to choose from. It is very handy to have and I wouldn't travel without them!

    Thanks Prime Vapor for providing quality products!
    "AWESOME CASE" !!!!... I LOVE IT !.
    Compact,Portable, & Holds Alot for its Small,Compact & Portablility.It holds my two complete large multi-voltage Large S/S E-Cigs + 4 small flavor Bottles and the charging USB Cord.

    If the were only just a tad wideri and taller maybe.

    Overall I am very Satisfied with the product/Case.It serves the Purpose very nicely.
  • Benjamin S.
    I like it very much and I will tell others about this site we will be ordering more items from here....
  • Elizabeth Foga
    This case is fantastic. I have about 8 different batteries and it will hold all of them with a cartridge on the end, which is great. Plus, the lid part will hold about 10 refills.
  • Nikole Nieto
    I have many cases from PV and this one is my favorite. It is able to hold my carts, usb charger and my batts so I am good to go and have no worries with this case. This is a great deal if you dont have one get one!
  • Jodi Androw
    You will love this case! I was surprised when I seen how much would fit inside. I put a charger, two packs of cartridges,2 rocket batteries and a manual battery, zip it up and away I go for the weekend! The case is the perfect size for my purse or I can put it in the glove box. One of my best accessory buys from PV. Jodi androw
  • Jodi Androw
    I bought the Prime-e case about 2months ago, love it! I can carry batteries, extra cartridges, and a charger without loosing in the bottom of my purse. We camp and I can put the full case in glove- box and ready when I need it. Great idea prime vapor! PS. check out the case that is also a charger great for long days at work.
  • Jodi Androw
    I just ordered the Prime-E cig case and I can't wait to get it . A friend of mine bought one and is is perfect for carrying everything you need for the day! I have 2 of the other cases but not large enough to keep everything together , this one is! Thanks Prime Vapor for making easier for us and a great price too! Jodi A.
  • Jason Herbst
    Quality product, but I think the internal space could be segregated differently so it holds items in better. I still love it, the zipper is solid, but my carts end up coming loose and I can't fit the charger in there.