Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit


Thomas Knapp · Jul 2, 2013
I have struggled in the past and was finally able to quit with quite a lot of help. But I still missed the draw, scent and throat hit that I had left behind. Whenever I would see ads for eCigarettes, I would always say, "Wow! If they made those in a nice tobacco flavor without the nicotine, I'd never stop buying them!" So naturally I was surprised to discover that there were quite a few companies making exactly what I so dearly missed. I hadn't smoked in several years, so what I expected was something more like the steam rising from a pot of boiling water or from a tea kettle. And a very watery sort of vapor. But what I got was more like smoke than I believed possible. With the first drag, I was really surprised! This is a very real and very substantial alternative to smoking! I am so happy to have this option. And it's a great time to get into vaping. The industry has come a long way and PrimeVapor is a great example of what to expect out of a line of products. The flavors are polished and refined and the kit has a very good build quality. Nothing has broken, and none of it feels like too much stuff to carry with you. This is a great way to get started and its actually a pretty good deal. The vapor is full and there's plenty of it. The flavors are very pleasant. Dial in your nicotine level, even if its 0% and you'll enjoy a satisfying vape. The batteries ship charged so you're ready to go right away. The instructions are simple and sufficient to get you started. I wish these were this good, years ago. If you're looking for a great kit or a place to start, this is it.