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Morning Blend E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


Jodi Androw · Oct 29, 2013
I wanted to write a review for Prime Vapor to let People know, eCigs are not just for those that want to quit smoking! I have been a customer for about 3 years, I liked smoking, I only wanted better, healthy way to smoke. I found that with Prime Vapor! I wastes my money on other types of E-cigs and then found Prume Vapor. My flavor of choice is Morning Blend. I do not smoke cig. Any more, I can breath better than I have in past 15yrs, Indo not crave a cig. And don't crave A vapor cig either, I just like it! I also like that it is tar free and not hurting me or anyone around me! Thank you PV, you may have saved my life! Jodi A of Va