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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Menthol Sampler

Menthol Sampler


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  • Carmen Manr;y
    We have been very pleased with the products we purchased from Prime Vapor. Also, when we needed questions answered, we were contacted very quickly.
  • Elizabeth Foga
    This product is fantastic if you're unsure which one will be most like what you're used to in a tobacco cigarette. Some of the names, you can pretty much guess who they're trying to emulate. Like a dummy, I took off all of the silicone caps and have no idea the name of my favorite. I will order this product again and pay more attention so I can buy just the one I like.
  • maria l weiss
    I love Prime Vapor products, The Menthol sampler is a great mixture, Triple Mint has a sweet vanilla taste, Rawhide is similar to a Marlboro Green, Alpine Chill is my favorite its has a chocolate mint taste.
  • Sharon D W.
    I enjoyed 2 out of 5 with the menthol sampler. But, it states 24mg on the pack. Is this correct or should it have stated 2.4 instead? My favorite is the Freeport, my second is Triple Mint. The Supercool was nasty, and Rawhide and Alpine Chill were just OK. Only in a pinch would I use either of these. (Comment from PrimeVapor: 2.4% and 24mg are identical references)
    I love my E-Cigarette. It satisfys my need for a cigarette after a meal or with my morning coffee. Would highly recommend to anyone.