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MelonBerry 18mL Vapor Juice


Tracy Walters · Aug 7, 2015
Love this new MelonBerry flavor! I have been using their Caramel Macchiato for more than 4 years, but when I saw the ad for this new flavor, I just had to try it! Once again, Prime Vapor has not disappointed! I just wanted to try something a little different (I am completely addicted to their Caramel Macchiato!) and I am a big fan of both watermelon and berries, so this sounded like something I might like ... and I definitely did! It has a stronger melon flavor than berry flavor (in my opinion) and the combination is SO GOOD! Very smooth (I use 24 mg) and a little sweet ... Prime Vapor has truly outdone themselves with this one!! To me, summertime is about fresh melons and berries, so this flavor is like vaping up the summer flavors ... can you say yummy?! :)