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  • EGO / EVOD Nose Cone

    Review of: EGO / EVOD Nose Cone

    Leeann C. ·
    Can't do without a nosecone for the EVO battery. It looks better, cleaner, sleeker. Plus it seals the Air holes and reduces the noise. Not that it is noisy, but without the nosecone you can heat air when dragging on it, which disappears with nosecone. Well worth the investment.
  • EVOD 808 E-Cigarette Battery

    Review of: EVOD 808 E-Cigarette Battery

    Leeann C. ·
    We love these batteries. We bought 2 new ones and still have 2 from a couple years ago that still work fine. I like the push button and I like knowing how much battery is left by the color of the light ring. Still very happy with these batteries.
  • MelonBerry E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    Review of: MelonBerry E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    Leeann C. ·
    This one is GREAT!! My husband and I both love this flavor. We get it in Zero nicotine. Can we get more fruity flavors in Zero nicotine please??
  • Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    Review of: Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    Lupe L. ·
    Excellent product. I started using this product to stop smoking. I smoked almost two packs a day and now I smoke maybe five cigs with morning coffee. I plan to stop completely in the next week.
  • EVOD 808 E-Cigarette Battery

    Review of: EVOD 808 E-Cigarette Battery

    Josie M. ·
    I really like this new battery. it is a very good quality product and i like the manual batteries for their safety and the control I have with the usage. The battery charge light is also a nice feature that tells me how much charge is left. I greatly appreciate Prime Vapor and the safety and quality of your products. I am so glad to be a non smoker and be able to enjoy something without the harmful toxins and negative side effects. It is a much better and healthier option and I'm grateful to God for Prime Vapor
  • USB Charger and AC Adapter - 808

    Review of: USB Charger and AC Adapter - 808

    audrey c. ·
    charger works great as i had the other chargers for awhile, charges pretty quickly. Good Job! Will order this product again.
  • CE4 E-Liquid Clearomizer

    Review of: CE4 E-Liquid Clearomizer

    Ted D. ·
    The Ce4 E-Liquid Clearomizer has a problem with the EVOD Batteries.
    The connection to the battery from the tank strips the internal threads to the point that the battery can no longer engage the charger therefore leaving the battery useless!

    I had order several and the last 2 new EVOD batteries purchase maybe 1 or 2 months ago will no longer engage the charger and are useless.

    I would advise anyone who has an EVOD Battery not to purchase the CE4 E-Liquid Clearomizer.

  • Triple Nickel E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    Review of: Triple Nickel E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    OLGA Z. ·
    I liked this flavor, it's mild and sweet, but not too sweet. Catriges lasted long, and this time not a one was defective.
    My favorite still is the Melonberry flavor catriges. Thanks!
  • iStick 30W E-Cigarette Battery

    Review of: iStick 30W E-Cigarette Battery

    JOHN K. ·
    Nice small battery, has all the settings I want and last long, even using low ohm tanks.It would last even longer for people using cartomisers.

  • iStick 30W E-Cigarette Battery

    Review of: iStick 30W E-Cigarette Battery

    Bernard B. ·
    This is one of the best batteries I have owned. Before this I used the Katady E Power mini, which in my opinion, was the best battery out of many I have tried. Unfortunately Katady stopped making them and I was not happy with their replacement. This battery is just as good and due to its smaller size is actually better. I bought two and will probably get a couple more to keep as backups. I highly recommend this battery. Been vaping for nine years so I have been through more than a few products. Prime Vapor is also one of the best sites out there.