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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


High Performance Flavor Cart 808 Kit

High Performance Flavor Cart 808 Kit


  • Amanda T.
    Works perfectly! I love it and have recommended it to almost all of my friends! The cartridges last a lot longer than anticipated, which is an added bonus that I can really appreciate.
  • OLGA Z.
    The kit is all you need to switch from harmful, smelly sigarettes to tastier, healthier and cheaper alternative! The long batteries - 808 last all day of vamping and delivering a satisfying experience. Keep up a good work!
  • Ann Flock
    I love my kit. I need to replace the charger, it doesn't work.
    I do wish you had the old ones. They deliver a better taste.
    Keep up the good products.
    Thanks for asking.
  • Jason Herbst
    Finally! A battery that provides a powerful vape ALL, DAY, LONG! Carts or tanks, your choice! I don't even carry my spare battery with me.
  • Antoinette K.
    I was not expecting this- I like the smaller ones that came with the starter kit much better- I do not see that they are higher performing!