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Gourmet Sampler


Adamchanh Tenakoun · Mar 30, 2013
It was nice trying the variety of cartridges, but to me it was hard to tell the difference. I even swished water in between cartridges to try and taste the difference. There are just subtle differences between tiramisu, chocolate thunder and caremel macchiato, but overall the simplest way to describe the flavor is Popcorn with a hint of nutty chocolate. The butter rum tasted like what I expected but the vapors that I exhaled just didn't smell very good and the cinnamon apple crumble wasn't too bad, having i light flavor. Overall I would have to say I'd rather smoke the menthol flavors or find some cartridges like grape or peach. I was also hoping the cartridges would be universal, but they did not fit my ever smoke battery so make sure they are compatible with your e CIG brand and if your curious then you might as well try it.