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Freeport E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


Angelique Fehr · Dec 23, 2012
It has now been a little over a year (I got my first PV at Thanksgiving last year). After nearly 50 years of smoking regular cigarettes I was a firmly committed fan of Prime Vapor in one cartridge. Never looked back (tho I did try one a few days later - put it out and threw away the rest). I am still loving mine, tho I now use the Saturn. It lasts longer and is wonderful to use. I have a lanyard which I wear during the day. My cardiologist is absolutely thrilled and has even told other "die-hard" patients about PV and how I swapped. I started with 36 Freeport and have happily stayed with it. Looking forward to another year with my wonderful PV. Merry Christmas to all of the helpful and friendly staff at PV.