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Freeport E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


Peggy R. · Nov 28, 2016
I ordered a basic starter kit with two batteries and the Freeport cartridges. I am taking chantix to quit cigarettes and needed something nicotine and tobacco free, to feed that hand to mouth habit developed when smoking cigarettes for years. I received my product quick and it was simple to put together and start puffing. I was a little disappointing that the batteries were black and the cartridges were green, I guess I was hoping that it looked like a cigarette, but I soon realized it worked just as well, regardless of color. I have really enjoyed the ease and convenience of the product and it does the job and keeps me from wanting to grab a cigarette. The freeport menthol cartridges taste just like a famous brand of menthol cigarettes. it isn't that super minty one that nobody likes. I swore to my husband who is a big Vape user that I would never vape but here I am, actually enjoying it. I do wish I could refill my cartridges, but the freeport is not available in refillable. So I do order my cartridges every other week, all in all my experience with this product has been very good. The company and its employees are incredibly helpful and they really want you to be happy with their product. I have been searching for a vape for months, trying to find something small and simple and nicotine free and Prime Vape is the only place I found that. Thanks Guys, for your help and genuine concern for my happiness with the product. My daughter will be ordering here vape and cartridges from PrimeVape soon too.