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EGO / EVOD Nose Cone

EGO / EVOD Nose Cone


  • Leeann C.
    Can't do without a nosecone for the EVO battery. It looks better, cleaner, sleeker. Plus it seals the Air holes and reduces the noise. Not that it is noisy, but without the nosecone you can heat air when dragging on it, which disappears with nosecone. Well worth the investment.
  • Jason Bigby
    I ordered this with the mindset of "don't really need it, but hey, why not..." - this case actually turned out to be EXTREMELY useful! I'm a bit accident prone, so to have a case that can encompass my Kanger Mini ProTank II, battery, and Vapor Juice is fantastic. Definitely ended up being a whole lot more useful than I thought!

    Looks great as well! =-)
  • Angela Shannon
    The nose cone does match perfectly and makes the whole unit look better, covering up all but the tip of a normal cartomizer. It also seems to give it a nice slow, even drag. I would love to have a shorter one or one that is the same circumference all the way up so I can use it with my clearomizers
  • Carolyn Ihinger
    I own two saturns and this is a great product. They come with a good throat hit.