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Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit


Jonathan Garcia · Aug 26, 2015
We recently bought one of these starter kits, along with the non-nicotine starter kit. We were VERY disappointed. When we first opened the package one of the vapor cartridges was leaking and the tips came off of a few more of them. We were able to move past that (because we were really excited to try our new e-cigarettes), we then screwed on one of the cartridges (rawhide red) and it was the most appalling thing we have ever tasted, the after taste that it left in my mouth was disgusting, it tasted nothing like a real cigarette (like they claim) nor did it taste like anything any human should ever consume. I have tried quite a few E-cig brands and this is by far the worst I have ever experienced. We tried a few of the other flavors that came with the kit, because we also picked the gourmet sampler and most of them were also gross but tolerable (when they weren't leaking or falling apart).

The main reason we were so disappointed was the reviews on this website were so good, maybe these people like the taste of vaporized feet in their mouth?

Only benefit to ordering this was it came quickly after ordering, but they apparently don't cover the cost of return shipping for this highly disappointing product, so that's something to think about before purchasing this product.