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Classic E-Cigarette Battery - Automatic


Evie Hadlock · Nov 17, 2012
This was the first e cig given to me by a neighbor. I didn't know such a thing existed ! For me its benefitted me in a few ways. As one who is a chronic pain patient with Raynauds, diabetic neuropathy and other stuff I smoked cigarettes to distract myself , to keep from eating . If I didn't eat, I wouldn't have calories to burn right?

Imagine my surprise to get an e cig and in a weeks time completely NOT want an analog. The analogs fell so flat and I like flavor. So with giving up analogs my pain levels went down and then my cough went away and then my wheezing and then my energy began to return etc. I'd not expected to give up cigarettes. I can't use pg so I do use VG e juice. I watched youtube to show me how to clean carts until I could get more, find out where to get juice or carts if cashy (they are convenient and cleaner). My doctor asked me what I'd been doing differently and I told him. He simply shook my hand, patted my back and said 'I've tried to tell my pain patients that smoking makes pain harder...can you get me some business cards or leave me some websites for my other patients?'...sure. I did and now he's recommending these and I believe I saw an e cigar in his office. Normally any addiction is bad..this was proof that the ritual of inhaling and blowing out was important, and nicotine was not the only addictive ingredients in cigarettes or patches would work right off the in going to e cigs, you still get the ritual of inhaling and blowing out, and over time the other addictive chemicals are out of your system . Once you get to that point? The nicotine is NOT now I love to vape zero nic juice. Curbs my sweet tooth and I tend to lean towards the tirmasu. So, I feel better, no longer smoke, dont cheat on my blood sugar stuff and am happier for it. And yes, now I do know that analogs do indeed make chronic pain/nerve pain worse....not so with the e cigs. My spouse who is copd is now greatly interested and works ER. Once I build up enough product he can take some to work. I can't wait to NOT hear the nebulizer. I promote whenever I can. Had I known about e cigs a couple years earlier I'd have become an affiliate and perhaps add to my small disability check . Its all good...I know how to make soaps and lotions so I know how to blend =)