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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Cinnamon Apple Crumble E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

Cinnamon Apple Crumble E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


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  • Wendy Peterson
    Very pleased with the full fresh flavor of the Cinnamon Apple Crumble. Reminds me of Big Red gum! I started with a tobacco flavor, but now I prefer something that tastes less like a cigarette. Once in a while I will switch to a fruity flavor, but I always go back to the Cinnamon!
  • Mildred Locklear
    Just can't get enough of this flavor. I hope they will get some new flavors.I have tried a few but this is by far the best for the money.And I'm still smoke free
  • Mildred Locklear
    You never can say that one item taste better than the other, I have prove myself wrong.I love the taste of T.Punch. But now I keep coming back to C Apple Crumble.Im glad to know I can buy from a company that cares about our health. People should read all that this company does to make sure that we do get the best. THANKS..
  • Mildred Locklear
    This is by far the best of them all. I will be trying Butter Rum so I will let you Know how it taste. I just love the Gourmet Packs. I will be buying from PrimeVapor for a long time to come.They are some great people to deal with.Thanks for the kind people who goes out of there way to take care of there buyers.
  • Mildred Locklear
    I have to give this flavor a high five. I love the taste the first thing in the morning. Get my cup of coffee and have a enjoyable time with my Cinnamon Apple Crumble. It also last a lot longer than some of the rest.Even as I get to the place that I don't want the nicotine, Im sure I will still enjoy using them for the flavor.Thanks PrimeVapor for putting out a great product that really works and you can also enjoy them for relaxing.
  • Michelle Brady
    I just recently got my 71 yr old mother to switch and since she has a sweet tooth this flavor is great for her! I love it too
  • krista seyler
    OMG !!!! its so yummy ! a very rich cinnamon flavor to it !!! just like grandma useto make !very enjoyable !!!!!!! nice throat hit as well.
  • Christopher Drost
    I tell ya, this flavor is beyond good. It's great flavor and sweet aroma is pleasant for yourself and anyone standing around you. Don't know weather to Vap it, or eat it! :)
  • Paulette R.
    I really enjoy this flavor..Please make them more potent, and i would like you to make a plain Vanilla, and a plain Chocolate! Also i loose a lot of money with cartridges that don,t work!! I give this 4 stars.
  • Elianna Mondragon
    great price, great flavor, very smooth... best part no gross cigarette breath :)