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CE4 E-Liquid Clearomizer

CE4 E-Liquid Clearomizer


  • Sonja Wyatt
    I can now buy juice and batteries pretty much anywhere. But I still prefer Prime Vapor because juice is wonderful plus have great customer service.
  • Gerald Furutani
    This product is excellent for my type of use. I enjoy using it on various battery packs and have not been disappointed yet. Though you were "out of stock" for this item - I waited until it was available then re-ordered some. Like I said before this product suits me fine on a daily basis.
  • Jodi Androw
    Recently I contacted PV, within a few hours I received a call back with one of the nicest customer service people I have ever spoke with, that's just one more reason to buy from PV! Prime Vapor Thank You so much for making me feel like a VIP. Already thought you outdo yourself's with top notch products, then throw in your EXCELLENT Customer Service, why would anyone go anywhere else. Keep up the GREAT WORK! And Thanks again. Great Product! Jodi A
  • Mike McIntyre
    I bought a single tank to compare with the Zig-Zag tanks I had been using. They are 25% less expensive, but they didn't last as long as my current tanks.
  • Ted D.
    The Ce4 E-Liquid Clearomizer has a problem with the EVOD Batteries.
    The connection to the battery from the tank strips the internal threads to the point that the battery can no longer engage the charger therefore leaving the battery useless!

    I had order several and the last 2 new EVOD batteries purchase maybe 1 or 2 months ago will no longer engage the charger and are useless.

    I would advise anyone who has an EVOD Battery not to purchase the CE4 E-Liquid Clearomizer.