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  • Morning Blend E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    Review of: Morning Blend E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    Mona M. ·
    The Morning Blend E-Cigarette is the best flavor, as it tastes like a real cigarette.
    You can choose your nicotine preference. I started out big and am now down to the lowest nicotine amount and the flavor is still good, like a real cigarette.
    I’ve tried several cartridges and this is my favorite one.
  • Morning Blend 18mL Vapor Juice

    Review of: Morning Blend 18mL Vapor Juice

    Tom F. ·
    This is my go to juice, it's absolutely delicious. I prefer a mouth to lung vape, and this juice vapes great with my Nautilus 2 with the 1.8 ohm coil at around 12 watts. Excellent flavor and great vapor. This juice can be harsh if vaped direct lung with a sub ohm set up, but that's not my preference.
  • Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    Review of: Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    George L. ·
    Purchased E cigarette starter kit and after trying numerous brands, including the vapor juice, find that I much prefer the e cigarette. Was a smoker for over 60 years and due to health issues needed to quit. Having the e cigarette made a much easier transition.
  • Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery

    Review of: Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery

    December S. ·
    I have been purchasing products from Prime Vapor for a few years and have referred many of my smoker friends to their website. All of their products are top notch, easy to use, easy to clean, and great tasting! The Saturn 808 ECigarette Battery is one of their excellent products as it alerts you when the battery is getting low by a color scheme. The color alerts give you a piece of mind that it will not need charged when you are out and about. Just charge it before you leave the house and you will be all set! The best and most important feature is that you can turn it off so that it will not discharge in your pocket or purse and saves the battery life!!
  • EVOD 510 Twist E-Cigarette Battery

    Review of: EVOD 510 Twist E-Cigarette Battery

    cheryl n. ·
    I just received the EVOD 510 Twist battery and I love it! It lasts longer and has more vape charge. Thanks
  • iStick Mini E-Cigarette Battery

    Review of: iStick Mini E-Cigarette Battery

    pamela f. ·
    I am so happy that I finally purchased the istick mini battery. The charge lasts so much longer and gives me the % left. A worthwhile purchase!
  • Caramel Macchiato E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    Review of: Caramel Macchiato E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

    raymon h. ·
    I love the product but I always h ave trouble ordering the zero nicotine due to the company running out of the product almost every time I want to order they need to keep the product available
  • Freeport 18mL Vapor Juice

    Review of: Freeport 18mL Vapor Juice

    Patrick B. ·
    Absolutely the best tasting menthol liquid. I hope Freeport will always be available. Thank you for supplying such high quality products.
  • Blank KR808D Flavor Cartridge 5 Pk

    Review of: Blank KR808D Flavor Cartridge 5 Pk

    Oksana D. ·
    Good product, fast delivery. Great customer service. I am a customer for 5 years now. Tried some different sites,-
    did not work. Got to be "Prime Vapor"
  • Vapor Juice Starter Kit

    Review of: Vapor Juice Starter Kit

    David W. ·
    I ordered the vapor juice starter kit a month ago.Since then I've enjoyed vaping at home with this system. The battery and parts are well made and easy to use.Longevity of battery and juice life are quite good.I still use the cartridge system when I'm out for the convenience and lighter weight. Thanks for a great product.