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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Vapor Juice Starter Kit

Vapor Juice Starter Kit


  • David W.
    I ordered the vapor juice starter kit a month ago.Since then I've enjoyed vaping at home with this system. The battery and parts are well made and easy to use.Longevity of battery and juice life are quite good.I still use the cartridge system when I'm out for the convenience and lighter weight. Thanks for a great product.
  • David Whitman
    Well constructed kit. When vaping, I get the pure essence of the liquid and nothing else. The cartomizers were good but you never knew when they were going to run out, which is why the tanks are great. The 650 mah battery is extremely well made and lasts quite a while. The charge indicator is a big plus and is very rare to find on other batteries. It also adapts to other Ego style tanks. Can't say enough about this kit. Remarkable.
    Just got mine and they seem to be very good batteries similar to the old rockets, the Gemini worked great for awhile, but quit working, so customer support was great and is sending a new one out.These with the adapter can be used with everything.
  • Jodi Androw
    I couldn't wait when PV announced the coming of vapor juice,and vapor juice batteries and tanks, It was worth every min I waited. So easy to fill the tanks and the batteries last even longer than the other ones. I am delighted PV cares so much about their customers and invented new products to save us money and better yet the taste is the exact same as the cartridges from before but you control the amount in the tank! Love it! Jodi Androw
  • Kristen Minnich
    Just received my first order of vapor juice. I love it. It tastes just like the Carmel Macchiato I have been ordering for the last year and is easy to use. I would have given it 5 stars, but I prefer the feel of the cartridges over the cartomizers. Prime Vapor has me covered on this too with their blank cartridges. Great product and wonderful customer service.
  • Kristen Minnich
    Just received my first order of Carmel Macchiato. Love it. Tastes just like the cartridges I have been vaping the last year. I would have given this product five stars, but I prefer the cartridges over the cartomizers, which is f as Prime Vapor offers this option also. Thanks prime vapor for acknowledging your customer customer's requests and your great customer service.