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At Last: Freedom from Tobacco

No Smell, No Smoke, No Mess

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are a true alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. When you activate them, you get a smooth, robust vapor that looks, feels and tastes like tobacco smoke. The cloud of vapor is a mixture of vegetable glycerin, delicious flavor extracts and just the right amount of nicotine (or no nicotine at all). There is no discomfort or cravings; you get everything you want from a cigarette without virtually any of the chemical by-products created by burning tobacco.

How do E-cigarettes Work?

Every time you activate your e-cigarette, an internal battery energizes a heating coil. Some e-cigarettes are activated by pressing a button, others just by inhaling. The heat vaporizes our exclusive formula of e-liquid to produce vapor that you inhale. This process produces no ashes, lingering smoke or mess; all you get is pure pleasure.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

All you need to begin enjoying the benefits of e-cigarettes is one of our Starter Kits.

We make it easy to choose which one is right for you. Smoke tobacco cigarettes? Select the Tobacco Starter Kit. Are you a menthol smoker? Enjoy the Menthol Starter Kit. Both of these kits come with just the right nicotine strength for beginners. Want to try one of our other exclusive flavors? The Deluxe Starter Kit comes with any flavor you desire. Do you want to go completely nicotine free? Select our Zero Nicotine Starter Kit and choose from a selection of delicious flavors all without any nicotine.

All kits come with two batteries, a battery charger, an AC Adapter (for complete charging versatility) and a pack of five Flavor Cartridges.