What Trump’s Presidency Means For the Vaping World

If you’re up to date with vaping news, you’ll know that when Barack Obama was in power, the FDA placed a number of regulations upon the e-cig industry, which many believe will push out smaller e-cig retailers to make way for Big Tobacco companies. Now any manufacturer of e-cigs or juices must “undertake a package of research” if the e-cig models or liquids weren’t on the market before 2007, something which is extremely costly.

Now that President Donald Trump is in power, there is hope that things will start looking up for the vaping industry. Although we don’t really know Trump’s stance on vaping, he has made a promise to slash government regulation, stating during his campaign that around 70% of Federal regulations could go under his Presidency. It also helps that Trump’s allies in Congress include the likes of Duncan Hunter, the second Congressman to endorse Trump for President and also a huge advocate for vaping.

Americans for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist is also a huge supporter of vaping, and is in talks with Trump administration officials to make sure the FDA’s rules are delayed at least two years. This would allow Congress time to pass bills nullifying the Obama-era regulations.

“There’s close to a 100 percent chance that the [FDA’s] rules are delayed,” Norquist said.  “I have complete confidence in Price and Trump’s worldview.”

“Vaping is a real coalition. I’ve seen it at the state and local level,” he added. “Unlike tobacco, beer, or wine, where people don’t feel comfortable saying ‘Don’t tax it,’ [people who vape] feel virtuous about their life choices,” and aren’t afraid to fight back, Norquist said.

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The A-Z of Vaping

Who knew there were so many terms for vaping? We’ve made a list of some of the most common terms used by vapers which may also come in handy to those people new to the vaping world. We’ve also thrown in a few of our own!


Atomizer: The electronic component inside your Flavor Cartridge or Tank that turns the e-liquid into vapor when heated.


Battery: Built-in your e-cig and charged with a USB cable or is removable and rechargeable. You can check out our range of batteries here.


Cartomizer: Another name for Flavor Cartridge. Pre-filled with e-liquid, this disposable cartridge is the easiest way to enjoy vaping.


Diacetyl: A harmful compound which has been found in some e-juices, although generally far below levels found in regular cigarette smoke. PrimeVapor does not use Diacetyl in any of its formulas.


E-liquid: A liquid solution which usually contains nicotine (some do not), propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. PrimeVapor only uses pure vegetable glycerin in all its formulas.


Flavor cartridges: Another name for cartomizers. PrimeVapor offers vapors a variety of unique and delicious tastes. Our flavor packs include cherry, morning blend, caramel macchiato and apple crumble.


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High Performance 808 Kit: One of our best-selling starter kits, the High Performance 808 Kit is a performance upgrade for Flavor Cartridge users. Our EVOD 808 battery not only lasts longer, but fires hotter than our classic battery, giving you more vapor and more flavor.


IBVTA: Independent British Vaping Trade Association, a trade association set up to support the independent vape industry.


Joules: A measure of energy. Can be described as the work required to produce one watt of power for one second.


Kanthal wire: Trademarked name for a family of alloy used in resistance wires.


LED: The light at the end of the cigarette which lights up when the user inhales. Can also indicate battery level on some models.


Morning Blend: One of our most popular flavors, Morning Blend is a heavenly mix of coffee, chocolate and tobacco-flavoring. While it was designed to be the perfect morning vape, we think you’ll enjoy it all day long.


Nickel Wire: A type of wire used to build coils with temperature controlled devices.


Ohms: A measure of electronic resistance used to measure the resistance of heating coils in atomisers.


Propylene Glycol: A colorless liquid that forms the majority of the solution in e-cigs.PrimeVapor does not use this close relative of antifreeze in any of its products.


Resistance: Refers to the resistance of the coil in the atomizer (measured in Ohms). A lower resistance produces more heat and vapor.


Starter kit: Starter kits give you all the right tools you need in order to start your vaping journey. You can check out our starter kits here.


Tanks: E-cig tanks are essentials to a great vaping experience. They are the primary part of vaping, and are where the e-liquid is stored. You can check out our range of tanks here.


Unregulated: A term usually attributed to mechanical mods because there is no circuit board in them to regulate the current.


Vape: To inhale vapor from an e-cig.


Wick: A small piece of fabric or cotton which is found in the cartridge. The wick absorbs the e-liquid and holds it until is vaped.


Zero Nicotine: E-Liquid or cartridges that contain no nicotine. You can check out our zero nicotine range here.

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5 tips to stick to vaping if you’re having trouble quitting

Switching from the simplicity of smoking to the complex world of e-cigs can be daunting, but switching from a long-term habit, especially when it’s as addictive as smoking, is tough. To help those people that are struggling to make the switch, we’ve put together a list of top tips, and here they are.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race

Whether you’re going from smoking a pack a day or once a week, quitting isn’t easy. For this reason, many vapers choose not to give up smoking completely when they start vaping. Of course, it’s important to cut down on the amount you’re smoking as each day goes on, but don’t beat yourself up for slipping up once in a while. 

Commit to the new habit and let yourself get used to it

As with everything, vaping takes time to get used to, particularly if you’re a smoker or former smoker. It’s important to give vaping enough of a chance before throwing in the towel completely, and for this you need willpower, and lots of it. Try to avoid situations in which you typically smoke, for example with other smokers, and if you know anyone that’s vaping, ask them for tips on how to stick with it.

Discover a world of new flavors

Although when you first start vaping, tobacco or menthol-flavored e-liquid seems like the way to go, once you’re a fully-fledged vapor, the sweet and fruity flavors become more appealing and your craving for tobacco will go away, (as difficult as that sounds right now). While smoking only offers one flavor, vaping offers endless possibilities. You can check out our most popular flavors in this blog post.

Choose the right amount of nicotine

One reason e-cigs are such a popular device for quitting smoking is because many of them contain nicotine. When choosing which e-cig to buy, bear in mind that when you first quit smoking, too little nicotine is unlikely to satisfy your cravings. Although cutting out nicotine right away works for some people, others may be tempted to smoke. Equally, too much nicotine can feel too harsh on your throat, again making you more likely to smoke. Experiment with different nicotine strengths and see what works for you. 

Remind yourself of the benefits of vaping

If you’re really struggling to quit smoking and start vaping, the easiest way to find the willpower is to simply remind yourself of the benefits of vaping and the risk of smoking. Although some people question the effects of vaping, several studies show that vaping is far healthier than smoking, so remember this when questioning whether to revert back to smoking.

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PrimeVapor strives to offer the alternative smoker the highest quality equipment with the ultimate flavor and vapor experience. We sell an exclusive line of premium e-cigarette flavors made in the USA, all of which use all natural vegetable glycerin and are FDA approved. Our flavors come in a variety of nicotine strengths, including our zero-nicotine versions.

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How to charge your e-cig battery safely

Just like any other electronic device, electronic cigarettes need appropriate caring. The better you care for your batteries, the longer they will last. To ensure you charge your e-cig batteries safely, make sure you follow these simple tips:

  • Only use the original charging equipment provided with the e-cigarette
  • Avoid over tightening when attaching your battery to your clearomizer
  • Don’t use damaged batteries
  • Charge batteries on a hard-surface
  • Do not expose your battery to extreme temperatures
  • Turn your battery off when you’re not using it and do not charge overnight
  • Clean battery with a dry tissue or cotton swabs when dirty
  • Avoid water at all costs

If you’re new to e-cigs and wondering what vaping is all about, find out what you need to get started or contact us for more info


Some of the biggest vaping misconceptions

Whether you’ve just started vaping, or you consider yourself an experienced vapor, chances are you’ve heard some crazy affirmations about e-cigarettes which have really grinded your gears. Next time it happens, stay cool and add your ten cents to the conversation.

“Vaping is just as bad as smoking”

A common misconception among non-vapers, vaping does not product smoke – it produces vapor. Many of the health-harming chemicals found in cigarette smoke are not found in e-cig vapor. Instead, they are produced during the combustion of tobacco

“E-liquid has a lot more nicotine than regular cigarettes”

A lot of vapers will agree they actually prefer e-juice containing lower levels of nicotine, because the more nicotine in e-liquid, the stronger the flavor, which can be displeasing to many users. In fact, some of our best sellers are from our Zero Nicotine range.

“Vaping companies are purposely targeting teens”

Some argue that fruity flavors are getting teens hooked on vaping, but those flavors appeal to adults too! Plus, vaping is far safer than smoking, so even if vaping companies were actively targeting minors, it would be far less concerning than tobacco companies doing the same. With that being said, more and more states are opting to ban vaping and the sale of vaping equipment and devices to minors.

“Vaping devices are the same as e-cigs”

E-cigs look very similar to traditional cigarettes, but contain a battery, cartomizer and a silicone mouthpiece. Vaporizers resemble a fountain pen, and look less like traditional cigarettes. They are made up of a large battery at one end, a clear reservoir tank in the middle and a mouthpiece. Vaporizers allow for users to refill their own flavors and alter the power levels to produce more vapor.

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E-cigs: The cure for your candy addiction?

Did you know that sugar is a dopamine enhancer? This means when we consume it, something is released in our body which makes us feel happy, (like when we do exercise, for example).

Whether you consider yourself a ‘sugar addict’ or not, it’s fair to say that once we’ve had one piece of candy, something inside our brains tells us to come back for another piece. And another. Until we’re half a packet down. Come on, we’re all guilty…

So how are sugar and e-cigarettes related in any way?

Well, according to an article published by Motherboard, some vapers are using flavored e-cigarettes to help combat their candy cravings.

You may or may not know that nicotine suppresses your appetite. Since nicotine is contained in traditional cigarettes, when people quit smoking, they tend to gain weight as a result of increased appetites.

Reason number 101 for choosing e-cigs? They combat snack cravings.

Another survey found that liquid flavorings contained in e-cigs ‘play a major role in reducing or eliminating smoking consumption’.

One reviewer of our popular Caramel Macchiato flavor said: “Caramel Macchiato is a smooth tasty treat that I enjoy daily !!!! When I have a craving for menthol Supercool is my choice….”

Another reviewer of our Tahitian Punch flavor said: “I have try to stop smoking for 35 years and I try PrimeVapor Tahitian Punch and I have not smoke a cig.in over 6 months. The taste is out of this world.I will use them until I fill I will no longer crave a cig again.I have already went down to a lower strength. I plan to try more of the Flavored cartridges. The Tahitian Punch is the Greatest.”

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Why the FDA are running an e-cig safety workshop

While vaping is, on the whole, an extremely safe activity, news articles of e-cigarettes and similar devices exploding do surface from time to time.

Although millions of vapers continue to use e-cigarettes safely, safety precautions do need to be taken, as with any product, to avoid the highly unlikely event of an e-cigarette explosion.

As a result of rare events like these, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have announced they will be running an e-cigarette safety workshop in the hopes of improving safety features and making design changes on some devices to make sure these incidents never happen.

Indeed, the possibility of an e-cigarette causing harm to its user is a possibility, but it is also worth mentioning that a lot of incidents relating to e-cigarettes are caused by high powered “mod” type e-cigarette battery, which are oversized.

PrimeVapor e-cigarette systems only use a “closed” battery. We evaluate all our products for effectiveness, longevity and most of all, safety. We have found that using a closed battery allows us (and you) to have complete control over the working of your e-cigarette. Of course, we cannot speak for all e-cig manufacturers, but if you use our charger, you are virtually guaranteed a safe enjoyable vaping experience.

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Could millennials be the generation to end smoking?


According to statistics from the University of Michigan’s ‘Monitoring the Future’, cigarette smoking among youth is down to 7 percent as of 2015.

The Truth Initiative, the nation’s largest nonprofit public health organization, is devoted to ending tobacco usage, and has stated that millennials could be the generation to end smoking based on these statistics.

They say they aim to use their social influence to encourage young adults to avoid smoking, with one of their more recent ads highlighting the fact that smokers tend to earn 20 percent less than nonsmokers.

Millennials’ detachment to tobacco is also most likely due to improved education on the physical health risks of smoking. Instead, young adults seem to be opting towards e-cigarettes and hookah. Although there are concerns that young people may become hooked on nicotine through vaping, many e-cigarettes contain no nicotine at all. You can check out our Zero-Nicotine range here.

The University of Oklahoma is one of 20 colleges that have recently been given a $20,000 Tobacco-Free Generation Initiative grant, which works toward making millennials the generation to end smoking. Their new campaign, “Project Clean Air for the Bear” was recently announced as a way to gain a 100 percent smoke-free campus through education.

Find out more about Prime Vapor and our reasons for switching from cigarettes to e-cigs.