Could millennials be the generation to end smoking?


According to statistics from the University of Michigan’s ‘Monitoring the Future’, cigarette smoking among youth is down to 7 percent as of 2015.

The Truth Initiative, the nation’s largest nonprofit public health organization, is devoted to ending tobacco usage, and has stated that millennials could be the generation to end smoking based on these statistics.

They say they aim to use their social influence to encourage young adults to avoid smoking, with one of their more recent ads highlighting the fact that smokers tend to earn 20 percent less than nonsmokers.

Millennials’ detachment to tobacco is also most likely due to improved education on the physical health risks of smoking. Instead, young adults seem to be opting towards e-cigarettes and hookah. Although there are concerns that young people may become hooked on nicotine through vaping, many e-cigarettes contain no nicotine at all. You can check out our Zero-Nicotine range here.

The University of Oklahoma is one of 20 colleges that have recently been given a $20,000 Tobacco-Free Generation Initiative grant, which works toward making millennials the generation to end smoking. Their new campaign, “Project Clean Air for the Bear” was recently announced as a way to gain a 100 percent smoke-free campus through education.

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Should vaping be allowed in the workplace?

Since the FDA announced new restrictions on e-cigarettes, an increasing number of US cities and states have been inclined to treat them just like tobacco.

Vaping indoors, and at your desk for example, meant increased productivity and concentration for a lot of vapers, since they weren’t having to go outside to take smoking breaks, or indeed, thinking about when their next break would be.

But some cities and states have banned this right, forcing people to vape outside in the same area as smokers. Some people are arguing that this is unfair. Since many vapers are former smokers, surely forcing them to go outside and breathing in cigarette smoke is likely to hinder progress?

Forbes published an article about vaping in the workplace back in 2014 after Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the U.S., with 1.3 million workers, lumped e-cigs in with tobacco products because some e-liquids contain tobacco-derived nicotine. But Wal-Mart do not ban nicotine patches, lozenges or gum. They actually give those to employees for free as part of its smoking-cessation plan for employees. This led many people to wonder if preferential treatment was being given to big pharmaceutical products, many of which are far less effective than ecigs.

Some employers are fine with employees vaping, adopting a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Providing the majority of employees are okay with vaping in the workplace, it will be allowed.

Ultimately, the government will decide whether vaping will be allowed in the workplace, but it would be interesting to hear whether our customers are still vaping in their workplaces, and indeed, what they think about this topic. Feel free to comment below with your views, or tweet us @PrimeVapor

Synthetic nicotine – the new future of vaping?

There is speculation that the vaping industry may soon embrace synthetic nicotine and truly go post-tobacco.

At present, e-liquids containing nicotine source natural nicotine from tobacco plants. Now, some e-cigarette producers, like SQN, are experimenting with laboratory-produced synthetic nicotine.

Although this method is likely to be more costly, (SQN say it costs 13 times as much as the readily available natural version), synthetic nicotine may have the benefit of avoiding the FDA’s new regulations. The FDA said it would regulate ‘any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption, including any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product’. Although synthetic nicotine is not yet included in these regulations, they said that ‘products will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis’.

Since synthetic nicotine will not come from tobacco plants, it will also be tasteless. When nicotine is extracted from tobacco, some tobacco-derived impurities are taken into the mix too. These impurities have an effect on the flavor of the finished e-juice. With synthetic nicotine, producers will be able to experiment with lighter flavors and tastes, since they won’t be trying so hard to cover up the taste of nicotine.

What do you think the implications of synthetic nicotine will be on the e-cigarette industry? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions

Work out how much you have saved since quitting tobacco with this free calculator

If you are a smoker or former smoker, you’ve probably spent more money on cigarettes and smoking-related expenses than you realize. Smoking does wonders not only for your health, but your bank balance to. From saving money on healthcare treatments for smoking-related problems, to problems with gaining affordable insurance, quitting smoking has many benefits. Why not try using this free calculator and see how much you can save!

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The 6 most popular e-juice flavors – plus discount codes!

Want to know which are our most popular vapor juices? In this blog post, we’ll reveal our top six flavors, along with exclusive discounts for you to use, valid until January 12, 2017. Consider it an early Christmas gift from Prime Vapor to you!

Caramel Macchiato


Our best-selling flavor is a delicious blend of espresso, caramel, and chocolate, with whipped cream and just a touch of vanilla to create café perfection. This sweet and smooth flavor delivers one of the most exotic e-cigarette experiences you can find. One customer, Cheryl, gave it a 5-star rating, saying: “This is my favorite flavor yet. Smooth coffee, caramel and an undertone of vanilla. I will order this flavor again”.

Rawhide Red


Rawhide Red is the strongest tobacco e-cig flavor we have available, without the harmful toxins of real tobacco. Designed to imitate the famous brand seen in the red and white box, Rawhide Red reproduces the flavor and throat hit of a real tobacco cigarette. If you were a heavy tobacco smoker, this is the right flavor for you. Prime Vapor customer, Danny said: “Love this stuff. Taste is great, doesn’t overwhelm you or the room with candy like flavors. Satisfies the urge to have a real cigarette”.

Triple Nickel


This flavor is modeled off the 555 brand of cigarettes. A smooth tobacco blend, with rich nut undertones, it infuses strong nutty flavors to the tobacco. While full of flavor, this is a mellow blend, much more delicate than some of our more powerful tobacco offerings. Josie Moore, one of our customers gave it 5-stars and here’s why: “I have been using Prime Vapor products for over 4 years and this flavor has been my constant favorite. It has a nice smooth, creamy, nutty, caramel flavor. It is one flavor I think everyone should try”.



Our signature menthol e-cigarette flavor, Freeport is the perfect flavor for regular menthol smokers. Created to taste just like that famous brand in the green and white box, Freeport was designed to reproduce the flavor and throat hit of a real menthol cigarette, and according to one of our customers, John, “every menthol smoker should try this juice”.

Cherry Tobacco


With this flavor, PrimeVapor takes selections of full flavored tobacco ingredients, a touch of vanilla and just the right amount of cherry extract to provide a robust taste without becoming too sweet from the cherry or too harsh from the tobacco. Customer, Dave Powers said this has become his all day vape, adding: “Light vanilla and sweet cherry flavors on top of subtle dry tobacco makes this a very relaxing, focusing experience. I have tried many cherry tobacco e-juices and in my opinion PrimeVapor provides the best one!”

Morning Blend


A heavenly mix of coffee, chocolate, and tobacco, Morning Blend provides great flavor but manages to keep it smooth and creamy. We also add a touch of honey to provide just enough sweetness without becoming overbearing. While it was designed to be the perfect morning vape, we think you will enjoy it all day long. Georgette Hageman said: “Anyone who drinks coffee in the mornings, will love this flavor. It is perfect for starting your day on top of the world. Please try it!”

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E-cigs and the effects of secondhand vapor

Woman smoking electronic cigarette outdoor

In today’s society, we are constantly warned about the dangers of smoking around others – particularly babies and children. But does the same apply to vaping?

As you may or may not be aware, e-cigarettes are becoming subject to bans in an increasing number of cities, despite there being little evidence to support the argument that vaping is bad for health, or indeed whether secondhand vapor even those around us.

One study which measured the particle concentration of e-cigarettes found that the e-liquid vapor evaporated almost immediately and the air returned to its original level within seconds. The vapor disappears so quickly that secondhand inhalation would be nearly impossible.

Another study by BioMed Central Public Health predicted that secondhand exposures would be less than 1% of the threshold limit value that is placed on workplace air quality.

The overwhelming consensus is that secondhand vapor is not only safer but perhaps even nonexistent. Obviously e-cigarettes have not been around for as long as regular cigarettes, having  only hit the market back in 2007, and therefore there has not been as much research conducted on the subject, but still most continue to confirm that vaping is not particularly harmful to the person vaping or to those exposed to the substances emitted.

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E-cigs and Pets: What to be aware of


Research shows us that vaping is far safer for humans than smoking is, but does the same rule apply to our pets? Admittedly walking in the room to find your cat or dog vaping would be slightly out of the ordinary, but are they in danger of being harmed simply by being exposed to vapor from e-cigs? In this blog post we’ll talk about the effects of vaping around pets and what to be cautious of.

Be wary of vapor juice around pets

The main issue of pets and e-cigs largely centres around vapor juice – particularly those containing nicotine. Since nicotine is a poison, it goes without saying that drinking vapor juice is not a good idea. There have been some unfortunate incidents where children have consumed vapor juice by drinking it and ended up seriously ill or in the worst cases, have died. Since our pets are also unaware of what vapor juice is, the same applies to them. Always keep vapor juice out of reach of children and pets, for example, on a high shelf or lockable box.

Second-hand vaping and pets

So what about the effects of second-hand vapor? Some continue to argue that e-cigs contain harmful chemicals, despite overwhelming evidence from researchers of e-cigarettes that says otherwise. But when people express their concerns about harmful chemicals in vapor, they rarely talk about the amounts involved. It’s important to remember that harmful chemicals are only present in much lower quantities of vapor than in cigarette smoke, often hundreds of times less or even lower.

Most studies of second-hand vaping don’t find detectable amounts of harmful chemicals in the room after vaping. In such low quantities, it’s hard to distinguish from the amounts naturally present in the air, which means any risk to your pets from vaping will be minimal. We’ll talk about the effects of second-hand vapor on humans in next week’s blog post.

Cats and PG

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, we do not use Propylene Glycol (PG) in our formulas, we only use Vegetable Glycerin (VG). If you are using e-cigs from other suppliers which contain PG, something you may not be aware of is that cats have a unique sensitivity to this ingredient. When PG was used in cat foods, it was linked to a condition called Heinz Body Anaemia, whereby the red blood cells lose their structure and become unable to carry oxygen. Cat food no longer contains PG for this reason.

Admittedly cats would need to consume a large amount of PG in order to be at risk, and would not be harmed simply by inhaling the substance. That being said, you should not vape near your cat’s food or water, or indeed blow clouds into their faces. In other words, limit your cat’s exposure as much as your can, or switch to a vapor juice containing VG, like those sold by Prime Vapor.

Why choose Prime Vapor?

Man vaping electronic cigarette and blowing smoke.

There are plenty of companies selling e-cigarettes out there, so why should you choose Prime Vapor?

Well, asides from offering an exclusive line of Premium E-Cigarette flavors made here in the USA, we only sell tanks and clearomizers that have been rigorously tested, as well as a full line of chargers and accessories.

Our complex flavors made from FDA approved extracts and all-natural vegetable glycerin are available in various nicotine strengths, including zero-nicotine versions, and come in both pre-filled cartridges and bottled e-liquids.

Prime Vapor also sell a wide variety of high-performance batteries, including feature-rich EVOD and EGO batteries so you are in total control of your vaping experience.

We offer a 30-day no hassle return policy on all hardware and unbeatable customer service via email, online chat and toll-free number.

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