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About Us

We smoked Too

Between my business partner and I, we smoked up to three packs a day for a combined total of over sixty years. In the 21st century this made us second class citizens. We couldn’t smoke in bars, restaurants, public places and even in our own homes! What we needed was a present-day solution that would allow us enjoy our pastime without offending anyone.

discovering E-Cigs

Eventually we discovered electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, a revolutionary new system that provides what you want from a traditional burning tobacco cigarette without the hassle and thousands of chemicals. When you draw on the end of an e-cig, a microprocessor controlled battery energizes a cartridge that vaporizes a fluid containing flavoring, a vapor liquid and a small amount of nicotine. This vapor tastes and feels like real smoke. You inhale just like a traditional cigarette. When you exhale, you could even blow smoke rings!

Pretty simple, huh? That’s what we thought. We started by running a quick search on the Internet, found a company selling their version of an electronic cigarette and one of us bravely let them charge his card.

What a disappointment! The device looked cheap, was hard to fill and what little vapor it produced tasted like a cross between old sweatsocks and cheap tobacco. Worse, after using this product for a while, we felt like we hadn’t had a cigarette all day. We knew that e-cigs were a great idea, but what we found just wasn’t going live up to the potential we knew this product could have.

The Quest

We started our quest for the perfect e-cig. We tried just about every device on the market. After many attempts, we finally found a simple, two-part system that met our standards for ease of use and durability. We liked the simplicity and quality of the device, but were still not happy with the flavor and richness of the vapor.

Mixing it up

We were back to the drawing board. That’s when one of us began mixing his own versions of the vapor fluid. It turns out he has quite a flair as a “mixologist”. He decided that we would use only vegetable gycerin, a harmless liquid used as a food additive in many common products. After literally hundreds of experiments, he finally developed twenty exciting flavors that produce the richest vapor of anything on the market. Finally, we’d created the ultimate solution for a safer, hassle-free alternative to smoking!

The Primevapor Primax system

This exclusive PrimeVapor Primax system of high quality accessories and incredible flavor cartridges offered us a pure and enjoyable smoking experience. We started using the PrimeVapor Primax system and have not had an “analog cigarette” since 2010. And we have no desire to. Period.

Our Purpose

We thought about how these e-cigs had changed our lives. We knew it was time to share this with the world. That’s when we launched

Our Mission

PrimeVapor strives to offer the alternative smoker the highest quality equipment with the ultimate flavor and vapor experience.

We Love Feedback

We want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us what you want. We will be introducing new flavors and accessories regularly.