PrimeVapor E-Cigarettes Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KR-808D Model of E-Cigarette?

A KR-808D is the manufacturer's reference for the battery used in some electronic cigarette systems, including PrimeVapor's Electronic Cigarette System. PrimeVapor E-Cigarette KR808D Battery A rechargeable litium-ion battery, it is considered the best of breed for e-cigarette use. PrimeVapor E-Cigarette Systems primarily use the KR-808D battery from from our Chinese manufacturuer.

PrimeVapor E-Cigarette KR808D BatteryPrimeVapor also uses a T-Rex model of e-cigarette system known as "the Rocket". The Rocket E-Cigarette Systems are designed for the veteran vaper that is looking for the best vapor and flavor production.

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