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What is an E-Cigarette Flavor Cartridge?

PrimeVapor-E-CIgarette-Flavor CartridgesA flavor cartridge is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains the fluid used to make the vapor you experience when you activate the device. It contains a small heating element that actually vaporizes the liquid.

It is also known as a cartomizer. Some might refer to it as the "filter" of the e-cigarette because its shaped like the filter of a normal cigarette.

Each PrimeVapor Flavor Cartridge is equivalent to about 15 normal cigarettes when you have the right nicotine strength. PrimeVapor Flavor Cartridges come in many unique flavors such as Cinnamon Apple Crumble, Morning Blend, and Tiramisu. See our entire selection by clicking here.

    PrimeVapor Nicotine Strength Chart

  • 36mg Strength = Designed for smokers that used between 15-25+ cigarettes daily
  • 24mg Strength = Designed for smokers that used between 7-15 cigarettes daily
  • 12mg Strength = Designed for smokers that used between 1-7 cigarettes daily
  • 0mg Strength = Designed for smokers who are still wanting the psychological effect without the nicotine habit

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