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Cinnamon Apple Crumble E-Cigarette Flavor Packs
  • Cinnamon Apple Crumble E-Cigarette Flavor Packs

Cinnamon Apple Crumble E-Cigarette Flavor Packs


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A delicious treat that is spicy and sweet. Cinnamon Apple Crumble is a classic combination of crispy red apples, fresh ground cinnamon and sweet graham cracker crumbles. This vibrant e-cig flavor is as American as Apple Pie, quite literally.



Each flavor pack includes five cartridges pre-filled with our exclusive U.S. made VG based premium Vapor Juice.



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    Cinnamon Apple Crumble Flavor Cartridge Strengths:
  • Medium – 24mg – 2.4% Our standard strength for an e-cig. Comparable to a full flavored smoke.


For more information see this post from our blog

One pre-filled cartridge lasts as long as 3/4 of a pack of cigarettes. For more information see our FAQ


All PrimeVapor pre-filled flavor cartridges are KR808D-1 compatible.


Can be used with 510 batteries by using optional 510 to KR808D-1 adaptor available here.


For best performance we recommend only using PrimeVapor batteries and chargers, but our cartridges can be used with other KR808D-1 compatible hardware.


  • Star Rating
    By Wendy Peterson
    Very pleased with the full fresh flavor of the Cinnamon Apple Crumble. Reminds me of Big Red gum! I started with a tobacco flavor, but now I prefer something that tastes less like a cigarette. Once in a while I will switch to a fruity flavor, but I always go back to the Cinnamon!
  • Star Rating
    By Mildred Locklear
    Just can't get enough of this flavor. I hope they will get some new flavors.I have tried a few but this is by far the best for the money.And I'm still smoke free
  • Star Rating
    By Mildred Locklear
    You never can say that one item taste better than the other, I have prove myself wrong.I love the taste of T.Punch. But now I keep coming back to C Apple Crumble.Im glad to know I can buy from a company that cares about our health. People should read all that this company does to make sure that we do get the best. THANKS..

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