valentine's day gift ideas for vapers

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Vapers

valentine's day gift ideas for vapers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and predictably so, store displays are saturated with teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and roses, lots of roses! While we admit those are nice gifts, if your sweetheart is a vaping enthusiast, we have an inkling that they may prefer something a little more suited to their passion rather than the traditional presents. Here are four thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for vapers.

Vapor Juice Starter Kit

Most new vapers begin their vaping experience with starter kits that use cartridges because of their unbeatable simplicity and practicality. If that is the case with your significant other, allow them to transition to the more advanced world of tanks and juice by surprising them with a Vapor Juice Starter Kit. Not only will they be amazed at the more pronounced flavors that the tank delivers, but they will also love the thick, dense vapors it produces.


Trust us when we say that you can never go wrong with giving a vaper e-juice. Whether your partner prefers to use cartridges or vapor juice, there are a multitude of choices of flavors that will make their day. While gifting them their favorite is always a great idea, you can also choose flavors that evoke romance to stay with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, such as succulent cherries and decadent chocolate.


Other than running out of e-juice, there is nothing more frustrating for a fellow vaper than to realize that their battery is dead, which is why we always recommend carrying an extra fully-charged battery on you. We’ve got a variety of batteries to choose from, including the powerful iStick 30W E-Cigarette Battery that is designed for use with both flavor cartridges and tanks.


There is a plethora of accessories to choose from, from the E-Cigarette 12VDC Mini Cigarette Lighter Adapter to ensure that your partner can always charge their batteries even when on the move, to the handy Prime E-Cigarette Case that can store all the essentials. Choose a few of the e-cigarette accessories that you think they will like best and wrap them in a beautiful Valentine’s Day-themed gift box.

We hope you found out Valentine’s Day gift ideas for vapers helpful! Tell us what you plan on gifting the vaping aficionado in your life in the comments section below.


Congressionally-Mandated Report Confirms E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful Than Combustible Cigarettes

Congressionally-Mandated Report Confirms E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful Than Combustible Cigarettes

Congressionally-Mandated Report Confirms E-Cigarettes Are Less Harmful Than Combustible Cigarettes

The long-awaited, congressionally-mandated National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine’s comprehensive health review of an excess of 800 peer-reviewed scientific studies on the human health effects of e-cigarettes recently released its findings. Among its 47 conclusions, the report suggests that although the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are not yet apparent due to the lack of sufficient data available, there is evidence that they are likely to be much less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

The study found conclusive evidence to support that completely replacing the use of traditional cigarettes with their electronic counterparts reduces exposure to numerous toxic substances, including carcinogens, present in regular cigarettes. In addition to a reduced number of toxicants, the report found substantial evidence supporting that a lower level of toxic substances are present in e-cigarettes when compared to combustible cigarettes.

Additionally, the report concluded that completely switching to e-cigarettes is highly likely to result in reduced short-term adverse outcomes in multiple organ systems. On the other hand, for dual users, those who use both combustible and e-cigarettes concurrently, there was insufficient evidence to suggest any changes in negative short-term health impacts in those same organs.

The report also found that, despite the limited evidence available, e-cigarettes “may be effective aids to promote smoking cessation” and that “more frequent use of e-cigarettes is associated with increased likelihood of cessation.”

The data also suggests, however, that e-cigarette use can result in symptoms of dependence. This conclusion is hardly surprising given that nicotine, although delivered through a significantly safer mechanism with e-cigarettes, remains an addictive substance.

While the use of e-cigarettes was deemed less harmful, the report did point out that exposure to e-liquids, such as eye contact with the product, or worse, drinking or injecting it, can have severe health impacts, which emphasizes the importance of using the electronic products as they are meant to rather than tinkering with them.

Although the report found that among youth and young adults, the use of e-cigarettes increases the risk of ever using combustible cigarettes, “under the assumption that e-cigarette use increases the rate at which adults quit conventional smoking, modeling projects that use of e-cigarettes will generate a net public health benefit, at least in the short run.”

What do you think of the conclusions provided by this report? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


vaping documentaries

Must-Watch Vaping Documentaries

vaping documentaries

As vaping increases in popularity around the world, documentary makers are taking an interest in the contentious, highly-debated topic. So, we recommend that you take a much-needed break from your Netflix marathons and check out these three must-see vaping documentaries that are as eye-opening as they are educational.

Trust Me I’m a Doctor – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

If you are looking to transition from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs or are new to vaping, Trust Me I’m a Doctor – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? is an excellent vaping documentary to start with. Although some of the e-cig regulations-related information has evolved since its release, the documentary is jam-packed with information that answers many of the questions new vapers have.

In less than six minutes, Medical Journalist, Michael Mosley, articulately explains how e-cigarettes function and the difference between a traditional cigarette and its electronic counterpart. He zones in on nicotine and explores the benefits and drawbacks of electronic delivery of the substance. In this short BBC documentary, in addition to conducting his own small-scale research comparing the saliva, urine, and breath of smokers and vapers, Dr. Mosley also interviews Professor Peter Hyatt, Director of the Tobacco Research Unit at the Queen Mary University of London.

Thank You for Vaping

Here’s another fantastic documentary about e-cigs. Unbiased, Thank You for Vaping offers a look at both sides of the debate, presenting the views of vapers, as well as the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, who have traditionally opposed the movement from combustible to electronic for various reasons. Again, some of the information is dated since the world of vaping is never constant. Nevertheless, it is one the vaping documentaries that aficionados are sure to love watching since it even delves into the culture of vaping, exploring why we do it, beyond the health benefits.

A Billion Lives

We’ve saved the best for last. Released in 2016, A Billion Lives is a compelling and infuriating documentary film that examines the history of smoking and highlights the dangers of the deadly habit. Its bold message, “A billion people projected to die. You’ll be surprised who’s keeping it that way” justly and unforgivingly points the finger at corrupt governments, health officials, and pharmaceutical companies for their role in banning safer nicotine delivery options despite the fact that the projected number of people who will die prematurely this century due to smoking is appalling. A definite must-watch for vapers.

What other must-see vaping documentaries do you recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.

Tips for Traveling with Your E-Cigarette

Tips for Traveling with Your E-Cigarette

Tips for Traveling with Your E-Cigarette

While switching to e-cigs has numerous advantages, traveling with them involves a little more research than flying with combustible cigarettes, which is why we’ve done some of the legwork for you. Here is what you need to know when it comes to traveling with e-cigs.

Check the destination country’s e-cigarette rules and regulations

When flying internationally, before you start packing your e-cig or personal vaporizer to take with you, always make sure to check the rules and regulations regarding e-cigarettes in the country you will be visiting. Don’t assume that the rules will be similar to your home country. For instance, while vaping is not only allowed but promoted as a smoking cessation system in the UK, their possession and use are completely banned in Thailand.

Pack appropriately-stored devices and lithium batteries in your carry-on luggage

The good news is that electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) are permitted on planes. However, since the Federal Aviation Administration has deemed that lithium batteries can be a fire hazard, it is prohibited to transport them in your checked luggage. Store them, along with your powered-off electronic device, in a sturdy e-cigarette case, and pack them in your carry-on luggage.

Our compact and portable Prime E-Cigarette Case is an excellent choice, enabling you to store all of your components in convenient elastic-banded ripstop nylon pockets and hold downs. Its semi-hard shell provides a smooth fit and plenty of protection at the same time while the heavy-duty zipper allows you to open and close the case smoothly.

You are also permitted to have your e-cigarette and batteries on your person, but you are not allowed to use or charge ENDS on the aircraft.

If your e-cigarette doesn’t use a lithium battery, you have the choice of packing it in your checked luggage or your carry-on.

Pack flavor cartridges and vapor juice in a clear plastic bag

When it comes to your e-liquid, whether you use flavor cartridges or vapor juice, you can bring them through security as long as you comply with the TSA’s 3-1-1 policy that applies to all liquids. 3.4 oz containers or less are permitted as long as they fit in a quart-size, clear plastic bag with a zip top. You can bring one bag per person, and you will have to place them in the screening bin when passing through security.

Rules and regulations change frequently, so always check with the airlines if you have any questions before you begin to pack your luggage.

Have you traveled with your e-cig before? Tell us about your experience getting through security in the comments section below.

how to choose the correct nicotine strength

Flavor Cartridges and Vape Juice: How to Choose the Correct Nicotine Strength

how to choose the correct nicotine strength

An increasing number of smokers are switching from the combustible cigarette to its electronic counterpart. With e-cigs, instead of inhaling smoke, which contains a gamut of noxious chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar, you inhale nicotine through a vapor. To successfully transition, however, you have to ensure that you vape a nicotine level that will help you manage your cravings effectively. Choosing a flavor cartridge or vapor juice with a lower nicotine content than your body is used to will not assuage your physical withdrawal symptoms, causing you to vape more, or more often, than you need to. With a lower concentration, you also run the risk of reverting to traditional cigarettes to compensate for the nicotine that your body craves. Here are some tips on how to choose the correct nicotine strength for you.

36mg Nicotine Strength (Max – 3.6%)

If you are a heavy smoker who consumes about 15 to 25 cigarettes (or more) per day, you will need the highest nicotine strength available, 36mg, to start your transition since your body has become accustomed to a high amount of nicotine.

We recommend our Rawhide Red, which delivers the strength you need as well as the aroma you’re accustomed to. If you used to smoke menthols, you will love Freeport, our signature menthol flavor. Both are available in convenient flavor cartridges, perfect for new vapers.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about these flavors:

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 David W.

“I’ve been vaping for several years. Rawhide Red has been my choice vape all along. As a former tobacco smoker, this product helped me quit tobacco for good. To be honest, I’ve had no ill effects (health wise). Prime Vapor is a quality company with a quality product.”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 Sharon D W.

“For menthol smokers, Freeport is a definite go to…….so far the best menthol out there! Nice and smooth, no bite! Just enough to satisfy.”

24mg Nicotine Strength (Med – 2.4%)

If you smoke around seven to 15 cigarettes per day, your body doesn’t require as high levels of nicotine as the 36mg, so it’s best to refrain from starting with such a strong concentration. The 24mg will provide you with an adequate level of the substance to keep your cravings at bay.  

While you can still vape tobacco and menthol flavors to keep change to a minimum, you can experiment with other flavors such as the delectable Cherry Tobacco or Morning Blend, which still provide you with that familiar tobacco flavor, but with something extra that adds to the experience. Be sure to check out our range of tasty flavors in medium strength to find your favorite.

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 Pete Echevarria

“Superb product. Cherry tobacco e-cigarette is my type of vaping. Very smooth and satisfying. Favorable comments reference its aroma.”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By Lauri H.

“My favorite! Morning Blend is very smooth, great flavor and always consistent. I get them in medium strength.”

12mg Nicotine Strength (Min – 1.2%)

If you are a light smoker, using about one to seven cigarettes a day, the 12mg option will be sufficient for you. Anything higher than this may result in lightheadedness or discomfort, which may compromise your efforts to switch.

You don’t have to limit yourself to tobacco and menthol flavors. Give one of our other delicious flavors a try. Who know, maybe Caramel Macchiato will be your new favorite!

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By Barry B.

“I love these. To me has perfect balance of nuttiness and raspberryish dark chocolate with just hint of sweetness and a silky mouth feel. My favorite offering by far. This is coming from a former American Spirit Yellow smoker. Awesome.”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By CHERYL S.
“My favorite flavor yet. Smooth coffee, caramel and an undertone of vanilla. I will order this flavor again.”

0mg (Zero Nicotine)

This level is only recommended once you have gradually reduced, then eliminated, your need for nicotine. With 0mg, you can continue to partake in the social and psychological rituals of “smoking” without any of the nicotine or smoke.

Feel free to experiment with the whole range of flavors, such as the fruitilicious Melon Merry, available in flavor cartridges and vapor juice options to add variety to your vaping experience. You’ll love it so much, it’ll have you requesting more fruity flavors!

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By Leeann C.

“This one is GREAT!! My husband and I both love this flavor. We get it in Zero nicotine. Can we get more fruity flavors in Zero nicotine please??”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 Josie Moore

“I love this flavor and will purchase it again. I also love the fact that it comes in zero nicotine. It is truly excellent and will be one of my favorites.”

Are you a smoker who has successfully switched to vaping? How did you figure out how to choose the correct nicotine strength for you when you first started? Tell us in the comments below!

quit smoking with e-cigarettes

How E-Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking in 2018

quit smoking with e-cigarettes

The start of a new year is an excellent time to resolve to quit smoking, so let 2018 be the year that you are finally smoke-free. Last week, we discussed various nicotine replacement therapies, including the use of e-cigarettes to assist you in attaining your smoking cessation objectives. In today’s blog post, we will share four concrete steps that you can take to help you quit smoking with e-cigarettes.

Step 1: Pick a Date

A crucial step once you have decided to quit is to pick a date. Mark it on your calendar; it will psychologically establish your commitment. Take it a step further and share your goals with your family and friends. Prior to the date, dispose of all your combustible cigarettes.

Step 2: Purchase an E-Cig Starter Kit

While there is a wide assortment of choices, we recommend starting out with an E-Cigarette Starter Kit, such as the Tobacco E-Cigarette Starter Kit or Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit, for three main reasons.

To start, they look and feel like traditional cigarettes. Not only do they provide you with the nicotine that your body craves without the multitude of toxins, but they also mimic the action of smoking, allowing you to bring the device to your mouth, inhale, and exhale. That familiar hand-to-mouth action, coupled with the tobacco or menthol taste and aroma that you’re accustomed to, can help greatly with the psychological aspects of quitting.

Secondly, they are incredibly easy to use. Instead of taking out your cigarette and lighting it, just twist the flavor cartridge onto the Classic E-cigarette Battery, and you’re ready for a puff. The simplicity of it all can ensure that you remain on track.

Lastly, they are portable, which means that you can carry them with you, just like you would combustible cigarettes. If your smoker friends are heading out for a smoke break, you can indulge in the social ritual without feeling tempted to smoke.

Step 3: Order Refills Ahead of Time

Our starter packs come with everything you need to get started, including one flavor pack of five cartridges, pre-filled with our exclusive US-made, VG-based premium vapor juice, which can last as long as a 3/4 pack of cigarettes. However, to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you’ve run out of flavor cartridges, always order your refills ahead of time. Ordering larger quantities will also allow you to take advantage of quantity discounts. Win-win!

Step 4: Always Have an Extra, Fully-Charged Battery on Hand

Our E-Cigarette Starter Kits come with two Classic E-Cigarette Batteries and one USB Charger and AC Adapter, so right away, get into the habit of keeping one fully charged at all times. If you are always on the run, consider purchasing a practical Cigarette Lighter Adapter for your car.

Have you decided to quit smoking with e-cigarettes this year? Tell us whether you will be following our four easy steps in the comments section below!


Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Nicotine Replacement Therapies

 Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Quitting smoking is difficult, and smokers often attempt to stop the harmful habit multiple times before achieving success. Some try to quit cold turkey while others use nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) to increase their chances of attaining their smoking cessation goals.

Since nicotine engenders dependence, when smokers try to quit, their bodies experience physical withdrawal, which can manifest itself in many ways, including intense cravings, sweating, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

Furthermore, after many months or years of smoking, the act itself becomes habitual, causing smokers to experience equally severe psychological and emotional withdrawal when they can no longer partake in their daily rituals such as their morning smoke.

Traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies:

Traditional over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies help appease the physical dependence symptoms by providing smokers with the nicotine they need in a less harmful way than smoking combustible cigarettes.

Nicotine Gum and Lozenges

Both nicotine gum and lozenges deliver nicotine through the mucous tissues inside the mouth. While they aid with the physical symptoms of withdrawal, they can also have side effects. Nicotine gum can result in an unpleasant taste and mouth sores while potential adverse effects of lozenges include nausea, coughing, heartburn, and headaches. Also, both options are usually only available in 2 mg or 4 mg strengths.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches provide nicotine through the skin and are available in a wider range of nicotine strengths. However, they also come with a host of unpleasant side effects, including skin irritation, such as redness and itching, dizziness, nausea, muscle aches and stiffness, and sleep issues.

Despite the negative side effects, these NRTs can be a useful tool in reducing physical withdrawal symptoms. However, they don’t address the psychological issues, which can play a significant role in smoking cessation success.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, address both the physical and psychological aspects. Instead of burning tobacco to release nicotine, e-cigs heat a nicotine-laced liquid to produce vapor that the user inhales. Not only do they deliver nicotine in a safer way than traditional cigarettes do, but they are also available in various nicotine concentrations, allowing the ex-smoker to start with a high nicotine strength, then transition to a medium or lower one when they are ready, gradually decreasing dependence on the substance.

While physical dependence makes quitting difficult, the psychological withdrawal that ex-smokers experience make it even harder to do so. E-cigs provide ex-smokers with the comforting hand-to-mouth action that mimics the act of smoking. With e-cigs, users don’t have to give up their daily smoke breaks and can still socialize with other smokers or vapers, making the transition easier and increasing the chance of successfully quitting combustible cigarettes.

Another advantage that e-cigs offer over traditional nicotine replacement therapies is that they are available in various flavors, including the classic tobacco and menthol flavors that smokers are used to. Vapers can enjoy delicious flavors in the nicotine level of their choice, and if they want to stop nicotine dependence altogether, they can vape nicotine-free when they are ready to take that step!

Have you tried any of these nicotine replacement therapies? Tell us which one(s) you prefer and why in the comments section below.

Dessert Vape Juice as an Alternative to Dessert

Dessert Vape Juice as an Alternative to Dessert

Dessert Vape Juice as an Alternative to Dessert

The holiday season is a time for delicious food and decadent desserts, but if you’re watching your calories or sugar intake, don’t feel bad about saying no to that extra slice of pie. With our tasty dessert vape juices, you can indulge in these sweet and equally delightful flavors instead, all while satisfying your nicotine cravings!

Cherry Tobacco Vapor Juice

Our full-flavored Cherry Tobacco Vapor Juice is the perfect blend of earthy tobacco, fragrant vanilla, and sweet cherry and is ideal for a post-dinner puff. Each flavor is perfectly balanced so that you can enjoy a sumptuous vaping experience. Go ahead, and pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite red wine or whiskey, and enjoy a relaxing moment in front of your fireplace this winter.

Caramel Macchiato Vapor Juice

If you’re craving something sweet and smooth, our Caramel Macchiato Vapor Juice will hit the spot. Taste the wonderful flavors of espresso, caramel, and chocolate swirled together with a dollop of whipped cream and just a touch of vanilla to create the most gourmet of dessert vape juices. Not only will you enjoy savoring the taste, but you will also love to luxuriate in its cloud of heavenly aromas.

Triple Mint Vapor Juice

If you like the refreshing, minty taste of menthol, you will love the experience of vaping our Triple Mint Vapor Juice, which delivers a robust, full-flavored menthol flavor with each puff. We’ve combined natural menthol crystals with peppermint and spearmint essences to create a uniquely delightful taste that you will love to indulge in after your scrumptious Christmas dinner.

Cinnamon Apple Crumble Vapor Juice

Enjoy a delicious treat that is both spicy and sweet this holiday season by vaping our delectable Cinnamon Apple Crumble Vapor Juice. A classic combination of crispy red apples, fresh ground cinnamon, and sweet graham cracker crumbles, this vibrant dessert vape juice flavor is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Our gourmet Cherry Tobacco, Caramel Macchiato, Triple Mint, and Cinnamon Apple Crumble flavors are also available in pre-filled flavor cartridges.

What will you be vaping this holiday season? Tell us in the comments section below.

Flavor Cartridges vs. Vape Juice

Flavor Cartridges vs. Vape Juice

Flavor Cartridges vs. Vape Juice

Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking. It provides ex-smokers with the nicotine that their body demands without the tar, smell, and thousands of toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke. Unlike combustible cigarettes that burn tobacco to release nicotine through smoke, vaping devices heat a liquid, often containing nicotine, to produce vapor. The e-liquid comes in two forms: flavor cartridges and vape juice, also known as vapor juice. Choosing which option is best for you depends on your preferences.

Both vape cartridges and vape juice come in a wide variety of flavors. Those who prefer the classic tobacco or menthol can continue to indulge in the tastes they love and those looking to experiment with new flavors can try anything from melon berry to caramel macchiato to Tahitian punch. Vapers can also choose whether they want a low, medium, or high concentration of nicotine or opt for zero nicotine e-juice.

Flavor Cartridges

If you’re brand new to vaping, flavor cartridges are a great choice. Since they come pre-filled, they are truly the easiest way to begin your vaping experience. Once you pick your favorite flavor, just twist it onto your portable and inconspicuous e-cigarette battery, and you’re ready to vape. When the cartridge is depleted, just replace it with a new one. Keeping things simple will ensure that you stay on track with your smoking cessation goals, increasing your chances of successfully quitting the deadly habit.

Flavor cartridges are also safer if you have children or pets. Although we still recommend keeping your vaping products away from their reach, the risk of accidental ingestion is highly reduced with cartridges.

Vape Juice

Vapor juice is a fantastic choice for vapers looking for more control over their vaping experience, as well as more versatility in their flavors. Users can mix different flavors to create unique combinations, so it’s ideal for those looking to experiment.

Since most devices that use vapor juice tend to have more powerful batteries than those that use flavor cartridges, this alternative delivers stronger flavors and more vapor, as well as a more pronounced hit.

However, using vape juice involves more work than simply replacing a cartridge, so it can take a little bit of time and practice to master your technique. Also, you need to make sure that your vape juice is always stored where children or pets can’t accidentally access it.

Do you prefer flavor cartridges or vapor juice? Tell us your preference and reason(s) in the comments section below!

Vape Juice Bases: PG vs. VG

Vape Juice Bases: PG vs. VG

Vape Juice Bases: PG vs. VG

Electronic cigarettes function by heating a liquid, commonly known as e-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice to produce a vapor that is then inhaled by the user. In addition to nicotine, e-juice usually contains the following ingredients: PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin), or a combination of both, and flavoring. Although both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin serve as a base in many vape juices, since the latter is far superior to the former, at Prime Vapor, we use VG exclusively in all our formulations.

Vegetable glycerin is an all-natural substance

Vegetable glycerin is an all-natural substance made from plant oils, such as soy, coconut, and palm. Perfectly safe for human consumption, the highly-viscous liquid has a wide array of applications, including cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. The substance is clear and odorless, with just a hint of sweetness. Similar to VG, propylene glycol is a clear, odorless liquid, with a milder sweet flavor; however, since PG is a synthetically produced cracked hydrocarbon that is a close relative to anti-freeze, we do not use it in any of our e-juices.

VG-based formulas produce thick, dense vapor

The high level of viscosity makes VG an ideal base for vapers seeking thicker and denser cloud production. With a VG base, vapers can enjoy the rich flavors longer while simultaneously experiencing a milder throat hit, which makes it perfect for vapers with asthma or respiratory issues. VG bases are also popular among vapers with an allergy to PG.

Prime Vapor vape juices deliver a solid a throat hit

Due to the way we have created the flavors in our formulations, Prime Vapor vape juice users experience a throat hit that is as intense, if not more, than PG based formulas. Vapers, especially ex-smokers who have transitioned to vaping, can still enjoy a pronounced throat hit with 100% VG vape juice.

When it comes to PG vs. VG, what is your preference? Tell us in the comments section below.