e-cig starter kits

Why is Prime Vapor a leader in the e-cig industry?

 e-cig starter kits

While there are many places online where you can purchase various e-cig starter kits and other nifty vaping gear, it’s important to find a reputable source that you can trust to meet your personal supply and demand. After all, you wouldn’t want to be left hanging with an order lost in limbo? So, since we know that you have other choices for vendors when you’re on the hunt for your vaping supplies, we want to share a few reasons why our customers think that we stand out above the rest!

Excellent customer service

Although many e-cig companies claim to have astounding customer service, we mean it when we say that our staff is friendly and reliable! Not only do we make it our mission to educate and spread the word about how e-cigs change lives, but we’re also adamant on sharing our personal stories with our customers. After all, we crafted our e-cig starter kits and decadent e-liquid flavors in order to offer them a safer, hassle-free smoking alternative.

That being said, we first recommend that you browse through our FAQ section on our website. If your question or concern is not addressed here, there are a few ways that you can reach out to our customer service team — send us a message through our live support feature, leave us a comment or suggestion on our contact us form or simply follow up with us directly by phone at (262) 287-4814.

American made extracts

We believe that it’s incredibly important to support local businesses who encourage the economic growth of their home country. So, when you make a local purchase, our mission is to do our best to produce as much of our inventory in our home-based company lab. That’s right! Our top-quality flavor extracts are actually made and processed in the United States and are controlled by industry laboratory conditions. So, you’re not only supporting a local, American business, but you’re also helping by sourcing raw materials that are from North America.  

Signature flavors

At Prime Vapor, we’re are proud to sell some of the most unique, swanky flavors on the market with aromas mimicking some fruity blends and enticingly sweet desserts. Now, if you’re a vaper with a sweet tooth, you’re still able to get a few fresh menthol e-juices and enriched robust tobaccos. There’s an extract for every taste bud!

Are there any other reasons that you love buying our brand? Feel free to share with our readers to entice them to shop our signature collection.

e-cig starter kit

How do you choose the right e-cig starter kit?

e-cig starter kit

When you’re trying to optimize your vaping experience it’s important to find the right e-cig starter kit for your habits and needs. While it sounds as easy as picking a device paired with a few flavors on the side, there are many elements to consider if you’re going to satisfy your need for nicotine, discourage the demand for a conventional cigarette and feel overjoyed in terms of taste, fluidity and feel. So, because there’s a vast world of jubilant choices, we’re going to tell you why a Prime Vapor e-cig starter kit is a preferred favorite.

Select a device

The first decision you need to make is which device do you want to vape from? At Prime Vapor, we believe in giving customers tons of options, which is why we sell a wide variety of e-cig starter kits.

If you’re new to vaping and are on the hunt for an easy way to begin your experience then we recommend that you purchase an e-cig starter kit with that uses pre-filled flavor cartridges. This exclusive collection comes as a Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit, a Tobacco E-Cigarette Starter Kit, a Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit and a Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit. Now, if you’re searching for a bit more freedom to mix your own e-liquid flavors and strengths, then a Vapor Juice Starter Kit or a High-Performance Vapor Juice Kit may be your match made in heaven.

Which e-juices do you want to vape?

When it comes to vaping it’s all about the flavor. So, in order to know which e-cig starter kit meets your needs, you will first need to ask yourself what you’re wanting in terms of taste. If you enjoy exhaling the fresh chill of menthol then you’re able to choose either a flavor cartridge or a vapor juice, because both types of e-liquids offer varying options for minty consistencies. However, if you’re wanting something a little sweeter, like perhaps a dessert e-liquid, the pre-filled flavor cartridges have a larger selection to fix your sugary cravings.

Essentially, in terms of our signature aromas, both flavor cartridges and vapor juices offer robust tobaccos, cool menthols and sweet treats, but the flavor cartridge selection is vaster so that may affect which e-cig starter kit you buy. After all, who doesn’t love a good variety?

What nicotine concentration level do you want to vape?

The nicotine strength that you vape has an important role to play in your overall vaping experience as well. Whether you require a strong nicotine-containing e-juice or no nicotine at all, it’s important to figure out this factor before you go ahead with your e-cig starter kit purchase.

If you were once a heavy ex-smoker you will most likely require a 3.6% nicotine strength to meet your vaping needs. That being said, there are only a couple options in terms of flavors, menthol and tobacco, with the flavor cartridges having two minty aromas to select from over the single option of vapor juice. However, moderate ex-smokers who only require a 2.4% nicotine strength double their choices, still with the flavor cartridges offering more selection. Even zero nicotine lovers are able to enjoy a variety of flavors, including tobaccos, minty extracts, sugary fillings and tasty beverages.

Needless to say, while pre-filled e-cig starter kits offer more selection, vapor juice kit offer more options to modify your vaping experience and mix flavors and strengths. So, once you sort out what you’re hoping to get from your vaping experience, it’ll be easy to know which device will meet your personal needs. Happy Vaping!

Do you prefer the convenience of pre-filled flavor cartridges or the freedom of vapor juice? Drop a comment below to let us know.

facts about nicotine

Did you know these two interesting facts about nicotine?

facts about nicotine

While news headlines, recent studies and word-of-mouth have made the public relatively aware of the harmful side effects that await their health and well-being if they continue to smoke conventional cigarettes, there is far less discussion about the legitimate purpose that nicotine serves to the environment. So, let’s take a break from the debates residing in our everyday conversations to learn some engaging facts about nicotine. After all, nicotine, although very addictive, is a natural, striking substance that serves some essential and unusual purposes within nature.  

There is a long list of foods that contain nicotine

When you smoke a combustible cigarette, it provokes a change to the chemistry of the brain, which in turn, increases your blood pressure, accelerates your heart rate and changes your emotional state, making you more prone to irritability and anxiety. While e-cigarettes also possess nicotine in the e-liquid contents, it’s present in more manageable amounts and is specifically chosen by the vaper.

However, did you know that nicotine is also present in some of your favorite fruits and vegetables? In fact, we all consume nicotine in our everyday, normal diets, but here are a few foods that contain higher nicotine amounts.

Eggplant: This vegetable presents the rich amount of nicotine concentration naturally in a single food. Containing 100 ng/g, 20 lbs. of this vegetable consists of the same amount of nicotine as your average conventional cigarette.

Green Tomatoes: This fruit is the next food that is richest in naturally, dietary nicotine — containing 42.8 ng/g.

Cauliflower: Possessing 16.8 ng/g, cauliflower follows as the third nicotine-rich food.  

Potatoes: This starchy vegetable contains 7.1 ng/g of nicotine concentration. Ironically, potatoes are actually known to frequently lower blood pressure.

Nicotine is the tobacco plant’s evolutionary defense system

Nicotiana tabacum, the botanical name of the tobacco plant, is one of the many known plants that actually synthesizes alkaloids as a natural defense mechanism against insects. When insects eat the plant, they become sick and even die, thus saving the plant through a natural defense response. So, in other words, nicotine is an innate insecticide.

That being said, since humans are able to tolerate higher doses of nicotine, it’s very unlikely that the nicotine contents within traditional cigarettes would be fatal to them. That’s why it’s so important to take control of your nicotine intake and slowly wean yourself down in order to give your body the opportunity to repair itself.

Which of the above two facts about nicotine did you find the most interesting? Tell us in the comments section below.

smoke and vapor

What’s the difference between smoke and vapor?

smoke and vapor

Most non-vapers think that vapor and smoke are the same, but apart from their mist-like appearance, there’s a vast difference between the two fumes. So, let’s start by breaking down both words by their rooted definition and clear up any underlying misunderstandings that have been ingrained by any uninformative hearsay.

How do the definitions of smoke and vapor differ?

Smoke is the result of combustion. When heated gases mix together with the right amount of oxygen, combustion occurs and new chemicals are then formed through an oxidation process. This is the result you receive when you light up your traditional cigarette. However, when a substance turns into a gas-like state at a temperature that is lower than its point of combustion, it’s considered vapor. Basically, when you heat water on your stove, when the liquid reaches its boiling point the pot will give off steam, also called vapor. However, this process doesn’t result in any combustion. So, that being said, when you use an e-cigarette, the process is the exact same, disallowing any new chemicals from being produced during the vaporization stage.

How do the chemicals within smoke and vapor differ?

According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 different deadly chemicals including, cyanide, formaldehyde, methanol, acetylene, ammonia and carbon monoxide. Unlike traditional cigarettes, the e-juice used within e-cigs is comprised of four main ingredients, which includes vegetable glycerin, nicotine (in your chosen concentration level), water and food-grade flavoring.

How do the smells of smoke and vapor differ?

If you’ve ever been around someone who smokes, or if you’ve smoked yourself in the past, then you can probably easily tell the difference between the smells of smoke vs. vapor. The odor that cigarette smoke leaves behind smells harsh and burnt, often lingering around in the air around you as well as embedded into your hair, clothes and furniture. On the other hand, the vapor is often less intrusive because there is a rainbow of pleasant flavors and scents to choose from that dissipates within seconds after they’re exhaled.  

Are there any other ways in which smoke and vapor differ? Please let us know in the comments section below.

zero nicotine vaping

Do you want to SPRING into zero nicotine vaping?

zero nicotine vaping

While springing into vaping is simply the analogy we’ve chosen to use, wouldn’t a life change, just like a seasonal shift, be a good way to spark some motivation? After all, Springtime is all about birth and renewal. While we understand that many vapers rely on various nicotine concentration levels to keep them on track, there are a growing number of people who have managed to wean down their nicotine cravings. So, if you’re scared to take the leap, let us tell you how you can prosper as a zero nicotine vaper.

Who is ready for zero nicotine vaping?

Zero nicotine vaping isn’t just for people who’re interested in stepping down their nicotine use, it’s also helpful to those who’re aiming to fulfill their mental dependencies through the familiarity of the hand-to-mouth motions. That being said, it’s also beneficial to individuals who enjoy the entire vaping experience without the need for nicotine in their e-liquid and for those who take pleasure in forms of social celebrating (weddings, birthdays and graduations).

What are the benefits of zero nicotine vaping?

While there are many ways that zero nicotine vaping can help to repair the mind and body, to a former smoker, this accomplishment means that you have finally freed yourself from the stronghold of nicotine. Now give yourself a pat on the back!

To those who have found enjoyment over the years in the physical sensations that vaping can offer, zero nicotine e-cigs still has the power to gratify many mental dependencies. Perhaps you take pleasure in your social “vape” breaks throughout the day, savoring the hand-to-mouth and inhalation motions that making decompressing easier or maybe even the delicious selection of e-juice flavors. Entertain these dependencies when you try zero nicotine vaping. After all, once you remove nicotine from many e-liquid combinations, the aromas are known to become heightened and the flavor is far fiercer.

Moreover, while you know vaping has the ability to provide you with the above social and ritualistic benefits when you switch to zero nicotine vaping, you’re taking monumental strides to improve your health and well-being as well. Your body used to rely on nicotine to produce pleasure and motivation endorphins, keep you calm, less irritable and to relax your heart rate and blood pressure. While now that you’ve weaned yourself off your need for nicotine your bodies neurological functions are able to relearn how to react in a more natural way.

How will you be celebrating your transition to zero nicotine vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.


zero PG blends

How do you select the right e-liquid for your vaping style?

zero PG blends

Whether you’re looking to make the life-changing switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes or you’re simply looking for a vaping revision, it’s important to understand that the ingredients contents of your e-liquid have the ability to affect the flavor and consistency. That being said, do you know how your chosen ingredient percentage affects your vaping experience?

What are the prime ingredients in e-liquid?

The vapor in your e-cigarette is produced from e-liquid which primarily consists of five ingredients — water, nicotine, flavorings, PG and VG.

PG, also known as Propylene Glycol, and VG, also known as Vegetable Glycerin are non-toxic, organic compounds that are used in an abundance of personal care products and as food additives in many items that we consume — for example, ketchup, soda, ice cream or salad dressing.

How do PG and VG differ?

There are many e-liquids that are available on the market that contain mixtures that vary in the percentage of PG and VG. Although at primevapor.com, we only craft zero PG blends. Needless to say, we believe that it’s important to know what each ingredient has to offer.

PG e-liquids are much thinner in their consistency and are known for producing very little vapor. Since PG is an odorless substance, it usually takes on the tastes of the flavorings it’s paired with. While it offers an overpowering intensity of flavor, this also makes inhalation of PG-rich vapor much harsher on the throat. It’s important to keep in mind that although popular, high-percentage PG e-liquids are known to cause allergic reactions — for example, tingling sensations within the throat.

On the other hand, VG e-liquids possess a thicker consistency which creates a more intense vapor production. They are known for exhibiting an incredible sweetness and can sometimes make flavorings subtle to detect. Although, through trial and error, Prime Vapor has managed to create robust, unique aromas using only VG. Yet, the best part is since the flavor isn’t as intense a PG-rich e-liquid, vapers are able to actually enjoy the vaping experience, the subtle essences and the mild throat hit that zero PG blends offer.

Why does primevapor.com only offer zero PG blends?

We take pride in crafting e-juices using the best, all-natural ingredients. By using VG exclusively, we’ve taken the time to formulate flavors that don’t require any PG. That being said, while it’s true that PG is found in many foods and healthcare products, it’s also found in petroleum and natural gas, whereas VG is a substance made from palm oil.

“We knew that using an all-natural vapor base was preferable to a kissing cousin or radiator fluid.”

  • Bill Fischer, President

How much do you love our zero PG blends? Tell us in the comments section below.


e-cig flavor cartridges

Flavor cartridges or vape juice? What’s the difference?

e-cig flavor cartridges

Vaping is a rapidly growing industry that offers ex-smokers a healthier and much more convenient alternative to the more traditional methods of nicotine delivery. Regardless of whether you’re new to the culture of vaping or you simply want to change up your experience, knowing how e-cig flavor cartridges and vape juice differ is a great way to start gaining some insight within the scene. That being said, it’s also important to understand your options, which is why we want to break down any discrepancies you may have.

The basics

Both e-cig flavor cartridges and vape juice serve the same function — providing you a certain percentage of nicotine concentration in the form of inhalable, flavored vapor. While they both come in an array of desirable mixtures, such as tobacco or menthol, each serves their own abilities to help ex-smokers ease their transition between away from conventional smoking. Now, let’s get a little more advanced about the subject.

What is an e-cig flavor cartridge?

Flavor cartridges are the original e-cigarette aromatic technology and are conveniently packed into safe, easy-use-use capsules that remain intact while you’re out on-the-go. In fact, these extracts are still incredibly popular amongst first-time vapers.

Keeping up with the theme of simplicity, e-cig flavor cartridges come pre-filled with whatever essence the vaper decides is enjoyable and are easily discarded, and sometimes even recycled, once they are empty. When a vaper is removing an old cartridge, or simply interchanging flavors, they easily twist off the old, used capsule from the battery and replace it with a new, delicious flavor. Most importantly, vapers will need to continue to buy compatible cartridges for the device they have purchased.

What is vape juice?

On the other hand, vape juice is a leveled-up experience opposed to the more traditional methods of vaping. Instead of just purchasing pre-filled flavor packs, you’ll instead need to purchase a bottle of e-liquid to fill your own e-cig tank. While vape juice has the potential to offer you more versatility and control over your flavor — because you can mix various aromas and strengths — it essentially offers you the same classic flavors as flavor cartridges, but with the exception of a more diverse variety.

While vape juice is not as convenient as flavor cartridges, the ability to mix and match your own combinations makes your experience both pleasurable and unique. Just remember that before you leave the comfort of your home for the day, fill your tank full of a mixture that will entice your taste buds as the hour’s pass. Moreover, if you feel that you’re vaping a heightened amount throughout the day, grab yourself a suitable e-cig carrying case that you can use to safely and securely store your vape juice bottles.

The best part is, much like flavor cartridges, many vape juice bottles can be washed and recycled when you’re finished with that particular flavor. Vaping truly is an eco-friendlier nicotine solution!

Do you prefer e-cig flavor cartridges or vape juice? Tell us why in the comments section below.

the environmental impact of smoking

Cigarettes vs. vaping: The environmental impact

the environmental impact of smoking

While there already is an overwhelming amount of evidence that links combustible cigarettes to many health risks and diseases, there are also other reasons to choose to vape as your nicotine delivery system. The environmental impact of smoking is substantial toxic emissions are being released into the air, second-hand smoke is harming the ecosystem, deforestation is happening at alarming rates and the littering of tobacco products is out of control. Yet, it all comes down to understanding that your ongoing choices towards this long-standing habitual routine possess the power to impact so much more than your future. Let us explain why the environmental impact of smoking is so detrimental.

E-cigarette emissions compared to combustible cigarette emissions

When you take a puff of a traditional cigarette, inhale and follow by exhaling the smoke into the air, the emissions that you’re leaving behind contain toxic, ecologically-threatened pollutants. So, when it comes to environmental emissions, the vapor that’s expelled from your e-cigarettes is far less invasive and damaging.

The contents of most e-juices contain five primary ingredients water, PG, VG, flavorings and various levels of nicotine — however, primevapor.com chooses to not use PG to make any of their signature flavors. Naturally, this means that e-cigarettes are allowing people to take environmental responsibility for their nicotine addiction.

In comparison, the contents of traditional cigarettes contain many toxic carcinogens hydrogen cyanide, tar, other cilia toxic agents and carbon dioxide emissions —  that greatly affect the planet and the atmosphere around it. Essentially, smoking is causing the world to heat up. So, it’s easy to see how we can all benefit from the switch.

Second-hand smoke vs. second-hand vapor

Simply put, second-hand smoke harms those around you. People who are in the vicinity of smokers are constantly being exposed to dangerous, life-threatening carcinogens. This puts them at the risk of developing health issues such as lung disease, heart disease and respiratory infections. While humans are at risk at the hands of second-hand smoke, animals who reside in a smoke-filled environment also possess a danger to their well-being.

That being said, the second-hand vapor is not known for leaving behind toxic air particles and since the ingredients are not deadly, there is no need to worry about what’s left behind once you’re finished puffing on your e-cig. The smell will be gone in seconds.

The rise of tobacco-caused deforestation

Upwards of 540 million trees are cut down each year in order to keep up with the high demand for traditional cigarettes. Moreover, it takes roughly an entire tree to make just 300 smokes (that’s only a carton and a half). Not to mention, forests must be cleared in order to develop fields in order to grow and cure the plant.

“Deforestation for tobacco growing has many serious environmental consequences – including loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and degradation, water pollution and increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide.”

In comparison, e-cigarettes are usable, recyclable devices that give vapers the opportunity to partake in eco-friendly awareness.

The world is overrun with cigarette butts

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most-littered item in the world? It’s astounding to know that something that’s so common in our everyday lives actually accounts for 30% of the world’s litter — with 4.5 trillion cigarettes littered worldwide each year. This reality is detrimental to our ecosystem. Not only do marine life, insects and birds often mistake cigarette butts for food, but these tiny pieces of garbage even lack the capability to degrade over time.

Furthermore, their e-cigarettes counterparts are reusable and when the time comes recyclable at most municipally-run depots.

Are there any other ways that vaping can help the environment? Tell us in the comments section below.


vaping rights

How can you advocate for your vaping rights?

vaping rights

When you’re tossed into the middle of the great-vape-debate it can be challenging to advocate for your vaping rights. Whether it’s a news headline that’s boldly defining vape culture because of a recent health study or simply your neighbor bombarding you with their impartial opinions, it can be hard weigh in on the conversation when you’re constantly left feeling like you need to justify your lifestyle. That being said, isn’t it about time that everyone heard a perspective from the other side? So, if you’re looking for a few ways to defend the vaping community then we propose that you try one of the following methods of persuasion.

Inform your peers

It’s incredibly important for you to spread the knowledge around. Many people have never tried vaping, which means that they obviously won’t be able to go to bat for its advantageous benefits in terms of health and well-being. As an ex-smoker, and a person that has been tormented by the hold of tobacco and nicotine, you’re are a prime advocate to explain how vaping has helped you personally uphold harm reduction to your body. You know all about the destructive power of tobacco and the catastrophic damage of nicotine and you’re using e-cigs to turn your life around. By sharing your story and educating those around you, you may even be able to diversify their perspectives.

Remain informed about the subject

When you choose to engage in political activity, such as the great-vape-debate, you’re choosing to remain informed, engaged, educated and interested in the topic. As a vaper, it’s important to stay up-to-date with any ongoing studies, innovative advancements to the industry and even how the technology is shifting and evolving to meet different needs. If you truly want to be a part of the conversation, then reconstructing your arguments, based on the developing information available, is the perfect place to start. After all, it’s all about breaking down the barriers and spreading awareness.

Suggest a documentary

If your real-life achievements are not enough to persuade your peers, then perhaps an empowering documentary may possess the transformative proposition that’s needed to open the minds of naysayers. As the culture of vaping is constantly expanding, people have become more inclined to learn about it. So why not help suggest a few vaping documentaries that have the power to equip them with relevant information and offer a glimpse into the lives of people who, like you, have benefited from the decision to start vaping.

Are there any other ways that you can advocate for your vaping rights? Drop some suggestions in the comments section below.

vaping facts

Here are a few fun vaping facts

vaping facts

The vaping industry has taken the world by storm with e-cigarettes constantly evolving it can be difficult to keep up with. While there are many articles flooding through the media that are discussing the pros and cons of these nicotine delivery systems, the truth is many people rely on these innovative devices to free themselves from their tobacco dependency and to slowly wean down their nicotine addiction. While this smoking alternative is continuing to benefit the lives of ex-smokers, there are still quite a few interesting vaping facts that are not as commonly known.

E-cigarettes are reusable

While there are many brands that sell disposable e-cigs, most of the popular devices are built with longevity in mind.

For starters, simply twist the battery of your Prime Vapor e-cigarette onto the flavor cartridge of your choice, then inhale to your heart’s content. When the cartridge is empty, unscrew it and replace it with a fresh, delicious flavor. Just remember to keep a backup battery charged and ready-to-go for convenient, on-the-go vaping. Our premium starter kits come packed with everything you need to fulfill an enriched vaping experience.

There are some weird flavors

Vaping has been marketed as a nicotine replacement therapy and a rich alternative to combustible cigarettes, so, why are there so many weird flavors being manufactured? While we understand creativity is an essential element that’s needed to entice more people to switch to vaping, some juice flavors are best kept in their original form — Doritos vape juice, blue cheese vape juice, hot dog vape juice or milk vape juice. What were these crafters thinking?

That being said, if you want to stray away from the original aromas of tobacco or menthol, don’t be afraid to get a little experimental. Sweet, enticing dessert or coffee flavored scents are the perfect way to spice up your vape style without subjecting yourself to some ridiculous fragrance.

Vaping has become a competitive hobby

While many people vape because they enjoy the selection of flavors or the way it helps to satisfy their nicotine craving, some people take vaping to an incredibly serious level. In fact, there are competitive vaping events, known as cloud competitions, that are judged, giving the contestants an opportunity to obtain sponsors and win cash prices. Creativity is one of the judging factors, where vapers are encouraged to perform cool tricks such as blowing smoking rings, balls and ripples to impress the crowds.

Which one of our fun vaping facts were you most surprised about? Tell us in the comments section below.