homemade vape juice

How do you make your own homemade vape juice?

homemade vape juice

If you’re on the experienced side of vaping, perhaps it’s time to attempt making your own homemade vape juice? In a world where do-it-yourself tutorials are available at your fingertips, it’s easy to take advantage of the possibilities that could come from creating your own vape juice flavors. In reality, this fun, fascinating task could become a new favorite hobby.

What ingredients do you need to make vape juice?

Before we dive into the creation process, it is really important to know the basic ingredients that make up vape juice already. Most e-liquid substances on the market are made up of:

  • PG (Propylene glycol): a colorless compound that is found in food manufacturing processes and pharmaceuticals. Although, PrimeVapor.com does not use this substance.
  • VG (Vegetable glycerin): a natural plant oil that is commonly used as an ingredient in food production.
  • Water
  • Nicotine: you are able to choose which strength of the substance you need based on your prior smoking habits. For example, if you are a heavy of strong, unfiltered cigarettes, you would want to make an e-cig juice with at least 24mg/ml to 36 mg/ml. If you are a light smoker that is weaning yourself off of the addictiveness of the substance, you would want to create a juice with 0mg/ml (zero nicotine e-juice) to 8mg/ml.

Are you ready to do it yourself?

Making your own homemade vape juice allows you to be creative by crafting unique flavors, choosing your PG, VG and nicotine levels easily and understanding the process that exists behind a technology you have grown to love.

You will need:

  • Rubber gloves: it’s always a good idea to keep your hands safe when you are experimenting with your own e-juice concoctions.
  • Safety goggles: Always protect your eyes when mixing together vape juices
  • Apron: it keeps your clothes clean.
  • Eyedroppers: they make it easier to measure precise amounts.
  • Unflavored e-juice or your own bottles of PG/VG blends: you can choose the percentage of PG/VG that you want in your juice.
  • Nicotine: choose your strength based on your smoking habits.
  • E-Juice flavoring: allows you to choose and mix the flavors you like.
  • A measuring jug: mixing e-juice involves math calculations.
  • Empty bottles: once you are happy with your homemade product, you will need a bottle or two to store it in.

When you finally have everything you need to create an awesome homemade vape juice, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Use an eyedropper to transfer and measure the appropriate amounts of PG, VG and nicotine into whatever bottle or container you have chosen to mix the ingredients in. After you have measured the above substances, it’s time to add some of your favorite flavors to the mix. For the best results, add a couple drops at a time and test it out frequently or else the flavor could quickly become too overwhelming. Lastly, write down the ingredient proportions that you used once you find a good e-juice blend. This way if you liked the mix you are able to recreate the delicious homemade vape juice at a later date and time.

Does this sound like way too much work for you? No problem. Sometimes purchasing vape juices online is the best way to get exactly what you want whether that’s smooth, gourmet flavors or something a little more traditional.

Have you ever made your own homemade vape juice? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

creating vape juice flavors

A look into Prime Vapor’s vape juice production

creating vape juice flavors

Whether you are a vaper that enjoys the more traditional flavors — tobacco and menthol — or you love the delectable options that Primevapor.com has to offer, it is easy to see why their premium juices are so desirable. Yet, even though you know these USA-crafted products are made with high quality ingredients, I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered how they come together when creating vape juice flavors with such a signature taste?

“I like to think of us as an artisanal crafter of high quality e-cigs,” said President of Prime Vapor, Bill Fischer, as he described the individuality and rich flavor of the site’s top-notch products.

Needless to say, the unmistakable flavor varieties didn’t just come from Fischer and his partner analyzing the e-cig market, they also felt it was important to listen to customer suggestions when creating innovative juices that balanced with explicit taste.

“We are [very] responsive to our customers,” he explained.

In the past, “we used to send out polls about new flavors and base some of our decisions on that.”

Most e-juices available on the market are made using four simple ingredients — VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), delicious flavorings and various of levels of nicotine — however, Prime Vapor chooses to leave PG out of their products.

“Vegetable glycerin is an all-natural substance made from palm oil, [while PG is] cheap and does not impart any taste to the flavor formula,” explained Fischer.

With the consumer being the utmost priority to the company, none of their flavor extracts used in production contain diacetyl, a substance that is known to cause hysteria and “popcorn lung.

Yet, when it comes to creating vape juice flavors, Prime Vapor takes pride in their small batch production methods.

“We have a lab that is up to the [food production] standard. Each batch is usually 50 flavor packs or 50 bottles, explained Fischer.

“We measure everything by hand using precision glassware, including all the flavor extracts, vegetable glycerine and nicotine juice.”

Some of the e-juices offered on Primevapor.com may use up to 30 different flavor extracts in order to create their distinct taste.

Once the juice is complete, the carts and bottles are then labeled, filled and packaged by hand.

Fischer loves to compare Prime Vapor products to artisanal cheese, because they both are more complex in their taste and variety.

“We believe we do offer the best on the market, and many of our customers think so too,” he noted beaming with pride.

What is your favorite Prime Vapor flavor? Tell us in the comments section below. 

smoking to e-cigarette transitions

What is Prime Vapor’s Philosophy?

smoking to e-cigarette transitions

PrimeVapor.com is small but fierce e-commerce business. As a leading name in the e-cigarette market, the owners have taken pride in helping smokers quit, aiding with smoking to e-cigarette transitions and keeping ex-smokers busy, since June of 2010.

“[My partner and I] were cigarette smokers. We smoked up to three packs a day between the two of us for a combined total of over sixty years,” explained President of Prime Vapor, Bill Fischer.

“In the 21st century this made us second class citizens. We couldn’t smoke in bars, restaurants, public places and even in our own homes! What we needed was a 21st century solution that would let us enjoy our pastime without offending anyone.”

That’s when they discovered electronic cigarettes.

The transition to e-cigs happened in one day. That’s when I knew that this product had tremendous potential,” he noted.

Fischer had a marketing background, while his partner possessed administrative and production management experience. Together, they wanted to take to the market and share their understanding of smoking to e-cigarette transitions.

“We always said that if we could find the perfect product, we would start out on our own,” he said.

“Well, e-cigs were that product. [They were] a product that we used, could completely relate too and [were] woefully underserved at the time.”

Although Fischer felt he needed to switch to vaping so that his experience in public would become more comfortable, he acknowledges that many people, despite the health risks and family pressures, don’t actually want to quit smoking.

“[Our customers] are forced into finding an alternative,” he explained.

“[Although] they are quite happy to continue to use our products as a risk management strategy.”

On the other hand, there are a portion of consumers that actually take quitting seriously.

“We offer them the step-down program of steadily decreasing nicotine levels in their favorite flavor,” Fischer explained.

“Once they get to zero nicotine, they are at a crossroads. Their body no longer craves nicotine, but smoking is much more complex than that. There [are]… psychological elements of smoking. However, these elements are fair easier to overcome once that nicotine monkey is off your back.”

Needless to say, Fischer is proud of just how far his online company has come. With a dedicated basement production lab and an in-house fulfillment center, his partnered business is flourishing in every way imaginable.

“I smoked for over forty years [and] although the first few days [vaping] were a bit weird, as my mind wrapped itself around the fact that I wasn’t actually smoking, my body was perfectly happy from the first puff,” he said.

“[There] was absolutely no discomfort or withdrawal symptoms at all!”

How about that for first-hand experience? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.



PG in e-cigarettes

PG, why does PrimeVapor.com not use it?

PG in e-cigarettes

Choosing an e-juice is one of the most important elements impacting your vaping experience. It can be an overwhelming task, since there are numerous e-juice brands available on the market in all the flavors you could possibly imagine.

When determining what the best choice is you may find yourself asking, “what’s the difference?” Since your body is your temple, why not treat yourself to a leading name in the vaping industry?

What are the ingredients that make up vape juice

Vape juice is commonly comprised of four simple ingredients — water, food flavoring, PG/VG and comes with or without nicotine. The terms PG and VG can be confusing for a vaping newcomer. Let’s break it down so it’s easier to understand.

Vegetable glycerin, commonly referred to as VG, is a natural liquid that is made from vegetable oil. VG is frequently found within food production and cosmetic products.

While propylene glycol, commonly referred to as PG, is a clear, odorless compound that is used as a preservative in foods and tobacco products. It is used as an additive in things like toothpaste and cake frosting.

Although it seems that PG in e-cigarettes is rather harmless, there is a reason why PrimeVapor.com leaves this ingredient out of their juice.

PrimeVapor.com vape juice process

PrimeVapor.com only uses the best, all-natural substances when concocting vape juices for their customers. By using VG exclusively, the company has managed to exceed the flavor of PG in e-cigarettes altogether.

“When we were formulating our flavors, we took a long look at what kind of vapor base we should use. At the time, most e-cig flavor producers were using PG,” explained President of Prime Vapor, Bill Fischer.

“It was cheap, did not impart any taste to the flavor formula and produced a large amount of vapor smoke. However, it was a completely synthetic cracked hydrocarbon.”

A hydrocarbon is a compound that is found in petroleum and natural gas.

Although VG is known to have a bit of a bitter aftertaste, Fischer worked alongside chemists to craft a combination of 50 different unique and robust flavored juices that left out the synthetic gas.

“Vegetable glycerin is an all-natural substance made from palm oil,” he added.

We knew that using an all-natural vapor base was preferable to a kissing cousin of radiator fluid.”

Branded as an artisanal e-cig producer by his customers, Fischer has continued to craft smaller, personalized e-juice batches with the consumer in mind.

Will you be giving our signature e-juices a try? Tell us in the comment section below.

vaping to smoking

Smokers struggle more than you think when switching to vaping

vaping to smoking

I’m sure you’ve had a concerned loved one tell you before that, “smokers struggle more than you think when they try to switch to vaping.” Although each person attempting to quit cigarettes encounters different conflicts, most people actually find their transition from smoking to vaping rather easy.

Needless to say, most people turn to vaping as a way to enjoy a variety of flavors, to put money back into their pockets and to improve their health.

How does vaping differ from smoking?

People everywhere are using e-cigarettes as alternatives to combustible cigarettes, but you may find yourself asking how they are different?

Well, for starters e-cigs come in a variety of delightful flavors, while traditional cigarettes commonly stick to tobacco or menthol. However, it is important to know that e-cig juices also come in these classic flavors for ex-smokers that miss the taste.

Smoking is only getting more and more expensive every year. If you are a heavy smoker, then making your way through at least a pack (the average price is about $10 USD for a pack after taxes) a day is probably normal for you. Yes, when you switch from vaping to smoking the initial cost is a bit more expensive (about $50 for a starter kit that features two batteries, a charger and an e-juice), but one e-cig flavor cartridge is refillable and is equivalent for up to 800 puffs. You do the math. E-cigs will save you money in the long-run.

Many people also switch to vaping because of all the known health risks that come with smoking a combustible cigarette. Containing roughly 4,000 chemicals and toxins you’ve probably never heard of before, cigarettes are linked to various cancers, drastically damage your heart and blood vessels, decrease your ability to exercise and increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

On the other hand, Vaping is considered by research to be a much safer alternative to a combustible cigarette. An e-cig does not contain any tobacco and it allows its user to choose the amount of nicotine that they would like to vape. E-cigs also produced vapor, a gas-like substance that is created from heating a liquid at a long temperature rather than smoke. There is no combustion, therefore no smoke is created when you vape.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s quitting journey is quite different and once you overcome your own personal hurtles, the finish line will be in your sights.

Thinking about making the switch? Now you know how easy it is for smokers to switching to vaping.

vaping while working out

How can vaping, rather than smoking, positively affect your fitness goals?

vaping while working out

Getting motivated to work out can prove to be challenging for some people, especially if smoking cigarettes is holding them back from achieving their fitness goals. Smoking and fitness are two words that just don’t seem to fit together in the same sentence. Quitting smoking is an important step when you’re shifting your attention to a healthier way of living. Vaping while working out could be that next step for you!

Cigarettes hurt your inner athlete

Smoking combustible cigarettes will only disrupt your fitness routine. Nicotine has a negative effect on your blood, heart and lungs, all of which are important powerhouses needed for the body to function.

When nicotine is combined with carbon monoxide it makes your blood sticky and narrows the arteries that allow your blood to flow to your heart, muscles and other important body parts. If your body doesn’t receive oxygen fast enough, your heart is pumping significantly faster, making it much harder for you when you’re working out.  

Now that your heart is pumping faster, your heart rate is rapidly increasing. Physical activity naturally increases your heart rate, but when you add smoking into the equation, your heart rate has the chance of rising to dangerous levels.

Your ability to exercise is only as good as your lungs capacity will allow you. Cigarette smoke contains tar that over time coats your lungs making the air sacs less elastic. Inhaling smoke can also congest your airways with phlegm making your body work harder to breath. Cutting back on your daily cigarette intake can drastically increase

your body’s ability to use its oxygen more effectively.

Switching to vaping as a healthy alternative  

It can take a smoker multiple attempts to rid themselves completely of the habit, but despite the struggles most people feel it’s worth it.

Many cigarette smokers are not only addicted to the nicotine, but they are also accustomed to the head rush and the sensation of having something in their hands. Needless to say, choosing to use an electronic cigarette or vaporizer will allow the user to wean themselves off of the nicotine at their own pace. Since e-cigs do not contain tobacco, or any of the harsh side effects that make breathing more difficult, vaping while working out is a much healthier alternative to people hoping to hit the gym more often.

If your someone who is more addicted to routine and enjoys a smoke in the morning with your coffee, there are zero nicotine juices that are able to fulfill your craving without affecting your ability to get active.  

Although quitting smoking altogether is more ideal in the world of fitness, reducing your exposure to the harms of cigarette smoke by switching to a safer nicotine product like e-cigarettes is beneficial.

Have you used e-cigarettes to achieve your fitness goals? Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments section below.


vaping instead of smoking

Why are people ditching cigarettes for e-cigs?

vaping instead of smoking

Have you ever considered vaping instead of smoking? If you’ve been trying to quit and are finding it hard to resist the urge to take a puff, e-cigarettes might be a safer, healthier solution to get you started. With their rising popularity, this nicotine-based smoking alternative is encouraging people to put down their cigarettes.

What is an e-cigarette?

Vapor Juice Starter Kit

For all you beginners out there an electronic cigarette is a handheld, battery-operated device that emits a certain percentage of nicotine, or non-nicotine solutions for the user to inhale. The e-cig is composed of a battery, a clearomizer, a USB charger and AC adaptor and your vape juice of choice.  

The device does not contain or burn tobacco, which studies suggests are a much healthier alternative to the traditional cigarettes. When you suck on the mouthpiece of the gadget, a sensor lights up and activates a heating element (this is what the battery powers) that vaporizes a liquid solution to then be inhaled by the user. Since the nicotine level vary based on the percentage in each individual e-juice, users have complete control over how much is going into their body.   

The e-cig benefits are endless

  • They can help you control your nicotine intake: Prime Vapor e-juice’s come in 0%, 1.2%, 2.4% and 3.6%.
  • You have more freedom to vape where you choose: There are more restrictions on smoking publically currently than there are on vaping.
  • They are more discreet than the traditional cigarette
  • On the daily vaping is much cheaper than smoking: Cigarette taxes vary upon which state you live.
  • They are more eco-friendly: The batteries are recyclable as well as bottle of e-juice if they are cleaned out properly.  

Dropping cigarettes

Looking back, it is hard to believe there was a time when you could smoke cigarettes in restaurants, parks and other public places. Although research has shown time and time again the harm cigarettes can do to the human body, science has proved it by showing how they can cause lung cancer and increase your chances of having a stroke.

When convincing yourself if switching to e-cigs is the right choice to help you quit, it is important to remember that there are no studies that prove e-cigs cause cancer. That should be enough incentive to consider vaping instead of smoking.   


What do you think? Be sure to tell us why you think people are choosing e-cigarettes in the comment section below.

tobacco-free alternative

Do doctors recommend trying e-cigs as an alternative to smoking?

tobacco-free alternative

An increasing number of people are turning to e-cigarettes as a tobacco-free alternative. Whether they are trying to kick their smoking habits to the curb, or simply just cutting down on their nicotine intake, e-cigarettes have been increasing in popularity on the market.

Although vaping has amplified into a hip, societal trend, the real question is do doctors suggest that their patients try e-cigs as a nicotine substitute?

Some key points to consider

  • Studies suggest that using an e-cigarette is still substantially safer than smoking tobacco products, especially the non-nicotine products on the market.
  • Although the ingredients of e-cigarettes may vary, they typically present a much lower level of toxins than a combustible cigarette.
  • Currently e-cigarettes are consumer-regulated products making them easier to balance your nicotine intake.

Are e-cigarettes effective in helping people quit smoking?

  • E-cigs are a tobacco-free alternative and the most popular aid that people are using when they attempt to quit smoking (aside from nicotine patches and gum).
  • Although evidence in this area remains weak, some studies demonstrate a positive relationship between the use of e-cigarettes and the discontinuance of smoking.
  • The combination of behavioural supports and vaping is likely to increase the chance of successfully quitting tobacco use altogether.

What are doctors saying?

Electronic cigarettes are continuing to help smokers quit around the world and at this time there are no serious side effects that can attributed to their use, research suggests.

While the long-term side effects and health risks are still unknown, there is a growing consensus that e-cigarettes are still much safer than smoking.

Although regardless of any evidence, general practitioners (GP) should be offering more in-depth advice to patients that are looking to this smoking alternative.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), alongside doctors in England and Wales, believe that smokers should be told that smoking e-cigarettes AIDS in smoking cessation.

Needless to say vaping is an alternative worth trying with studies showing that, “one cigarette per day carries a risk of developing coronary heart disease” and therefore quitting combustible smoking altogether can significantly reduce risks of this disorder.

Tell us what you think? Do you know anyone that has used e-cigs to cut back their nicotine cravings? Drop a comment in the section below.


New to Vaping? Get Your Starter Kit and Cartridges from PrimeVapor.Com

So you’ve done the research and have decided to start vaping. Whether you’ve chosen to switch from combustible cigarettes for health reasons, or are looking forward to experiencing the more extensive range of flavor options that vaping offers, you probably have two questions:

1) What vaping gear do I need to get started?

To start vaping, you’ll need an electronic device that heats up e-juice to release flavors and/or nicotine. The main choices that you have on the market today are e-cigarettes that utilize flavor cartridges and vapor juice kits that use vapor juice. For more information about the difference, check out this handy blog post we wrote on the topic.

Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Depending on your choice, you will need to purchase the e-juice, which comes in pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges, or bottles of vapor juice that you can use to fill your vapor juice kit’s tank.

Vapor Juice Starter Kit

2) Where do I buy my e-cigarette and e-juice?

Now when it comes to where to buy your starter kits, we strongly recommend getting your equipment and juice online rather than from a local vape store.

Sure, the bricks and mortar experience may allow you to touch and feel the product before you make the purchase, but it also means that you will be paying more for your starter kit. Not only do online stores provide you with lower prices, but they also offer discounts to customers on devices and e-juice in the form of limited-time coupon codes or quantity discounts when you place larger orders. How’s that for an added perk of buying online, in the comfort of your own home, without having a high-pressure salesperson behind you?

If you are apprehensive about buying a product without having the ability to inspect it, you’ll be glad to know that PrimeVapor’s website features many unbiased reviews from customers who have purchased and used the product. Their experiences can help you determine whether there are any issues that you should be aware of and if the device or e-juice is right for you.

PrimeVapor also offers an excellent return policy on your vaping gear. Customers enjoy a 30-day no hassle return policy on hardware. And we even sweeten the deal with free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

Where do you buy your vaping gear from? Tell us in the comments below.

vaping misconceptions

Vaping Misconceptions We’re Tired of Hearing

vaping misconceptions

E-cigarette users who like to vape in public are all too aware of the pesky stares of some passersby, but nothing is more vexatious than a seemingly well-intentioned but misinformed stranger (or friend) lecturing you on the perceived dangers of vaping. It’s time to clear the air and put those myths to rest once and for all. Here are three common misconceptions we’re tired of hearing.

Vaping is as dangerous as smoking.

This is probably the most common thing we hear, and unfortunately, this myth often deters smokers from making the switch. While the long-term effects of e-cigarette use are still being examined, the consensus is that “nicotine – while highly addictive – is delivered through products that represent a continuum of risk and is most harmful when delivered through smoke particles in combustible cigarettes.” Continuing to perpetuate the idea that e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes cause an equal amount of harm is quite frankly irresponsible and dangerous in that it prevents smokers from adopting a nicotine delivery method that contains fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes, further damaging their health.

You don’t know what’s in e-juice.

Many non-vapers have this absurd idea that flavor cartridges and vapor juice ingredients are a mystery. While a typical cigarette contains approximately 600 additives (yes, you read that right), many of which are toxic and carcinogenic, the average e-liquid is composed of mainly a base, which is often a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) and flavorings. In the case of nicotine-containing e-juices, the substance is present in varying concentrations: low, medium, and high. Some e-liquid manufacturers, such as PrimeVapor, even go a step further and only use VG as a base since it is an all-natural substance derived from plant oils. To ensure a high level of quality and consistency customers can count on, PrimeVapor uses its own labs right here in the United States to produce its liquid under strictly controlled conditions. So next time someone tells you that e-juice ingredients are unknown, please enlighten them on our behalf.

Secondhand vapor is as harmful as secondhand smoke.

Most vapers are considerate when vaping in public. They respect that most people don’t want to have vapor blown in their faces as they go about their daily lives. However, the notion that vapor and smoke are equally harmful is inaccurate. Smoke is produced as a result of a burning process, which creates “more than 7,000 chemicals” while vapor is the result of a heating process, meaning it doesn’t contain any combustion toxicants. In addition, secondhand vapor remains airborne for only a fraction of the time that smoke does, so involuntary exposure is significantly shorter with e-cigarettes.

What vaping misconceptions are you tired of hearing? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.