zero nicotine vaping

Do you want to SPRING into zero nicotine vaping?

zero nicotine vaping

While springing into vaping is simply the analogy we’ve chosen to use, wouldn’t a life change, just like a seasonal shift, be a good way to spark some motivation? After all, Springtime is all about birth and renewal. While we understand that many vapers rely on various nicotine concentration levels to keep them on track, there are a growing number of people who have managed to wean down their nicotine cravings. So, if you’re scared to take the leap, let us tell you how you can prosper as a zero nicotine vaper.

Who is ready for zero nicotine vaping?

Zero nicotine vaping isn’t just for people who’re interested in stepping down their nicotine use, it’s also helpful to those who’re aiming to fulfill their mental dependencies through the familiarity of the hand-to-mouth motions. That being said, it’s also beneficial to individuals who enjoy the entire vaping experience without the need for nicotine in their e-liquid and for those who take pleasure in forms of social celebrating (weddings, birthdays and graduations).

What are the benefits of zero nicotine vaping?

While there are many ways that zero nicotine vaping can help to repair the mind and body, to a former smoker, this accomplishment means that you have finally freed yourself from the stronghold of nicotine. Now give yourself a pat on the back!

To those who have found enjoyment over the years in the physical sensations that vaping can offer, zero nicotine e-cigs still has the power to gratify many mental dependencies. Perhaps you take pleasure in your social “vape” breaks throughout the day, savoring the hand-to-mouth and inhalation motions that making decompressing easier or maybe even the delicious selection of e-juice flavors. Entertain these dependencies when you try zero nicotine vaping. After all, once you remove nicotine from many e-liquid combinations, the aromas are known to become heightened and the flavor is far fiercer.

Moreover, while you know vaping has the ability to provide you with the above social and ritualistic benefits when you switch to zero nicotine vaping, you’re taking monumental strides to improve your health and well-being as well. Your body used to rely on nicotine to produce pleasure and motivation endorphins, keep you calm, less irritable and to relax your heart rate and blood pressure. While now that you’ve weaned yourself off your need for nicotine your bodies neurological functions are able to relearn how to react in a more natural way.

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zero PG blends

How do you select the right e-liquid for your vaping style?

zero PG blends

Whether you’re looking to make the life-changing switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes or you’re simply looking for a vaping revision, it’s important to understand that the ingredients contents of your e-liquid have the ability to affect the flavor and consistency. That being said, do you know how your chosen ingredient percentage affects your vaping experience?

What are the prime ingredients in e-liquid?

The vapor in your e-cigarette is produced from e-liquid which primarily consists of five ingredients — water, nicotine, flavorings, PG and VG.

PG, also known as Propylene Glycol, and VG, also known as Vegetable Glycerin are non-toxic, organic compounds that are used in an abundance of personal care products and as food additives in many items that we consume — for example, ketchup, soda, ice cream or salad dressing.

How do PG and VG differ?

There are many e-liquids that are available on the market that contain mixtures that vary in the percentage of PG and VG. Although at, we only craft zero PG blends. Needless to say, we believe that it’s important to know what each ingredient has to offer.

PG e-liquids are much thinner in their consistency and are known for producing very little vapor. Since PG is an odorless substance, it usually takes on the tastes of the flavorings it’s paired with. While it offers an overpowering intensity of flavor, this also makes inhalation of PG-rich vapor much harsher on the throat. It’s important to keep in mind that although popular, high-percentage PG e-liquids are known to cause allergic reactions — for example, tingling sensations within the throat.

On the other hand, VG e-liquids possess a thicker consistency which creates a more intense vapor production. They are known for exhibiting an incredible sweetness and can sometimes make flavorings subtle to detect. Although, through trial and error, Prime Vapor has managed to create robust, unique aromas using only VG. Yet, the best part is since the flavor isn’t as intense a PG-rich e-liquid, vapers are able to actually enjoy the vaping experience, the subtle essences and the mild throat hit that zero PG blends offer.

Why does only offer zero PG blends?

We take pride in crafting e-juices using the best, all-natural ingredients. By using VG exclusively, we’ve taken the time to formulate flavors that don’t require any PG. That being said, while it’s true that PG is found in many foods and healthcare products, it’s also found in petroleum and natural gas, whereas VG is a substance made from palm oil.

“We knew that using an all-natural vapor base was preferable to a kissing cousin or radiator fluid.”

  • Bill Fischer, President

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e-cig flavor cartridges

Flavor cartridges or vape juice? What’s the difference?

e-cig flavor cartridges

Vaping is a rapidly growing industry that offers ex-smokers a healthier and much more convenient alternative to the more traditional methods of nicotine delivery. Regardless of whether you’re new to the culture of vaping or you simply want to change up your experience, knowing how e-cig flavor cartridges and vape juice differ is a great way to start gaining some insight within the scene. That being said, it’s also important to understand your options, which is why we want to break down any discrepancies you may have.

The basics

Both e-cig flavor cartridges and vape juice serve the same function — providing you a certain percentage of nicotine concentration in the form of inhalable, flavored vapor. While they both come in an array of desirable mixtures, such as tobacco or menthol, each serves their own abilities to help ex-smokers ease their transition between away from conventional smoking. Now, let’s get a little more advanced about the subject.

What is an e-cig flavor cartridge?

Flavor cartridges are the original e-cigarette aromatic technology and are conveniently packed into safe, easy-use-use capsules that remain intact while you’re out on-the-go. In fact, these extracts are still incredibly popular amongst first-time vapers.

Keeping up with the theme of simplicity, e-cig flavor cartridges come pre-filled with whatever essence the vaper decides is enjoyable and are easily discarded, and sometimes even recycled, once they are empty. When a vaper is removing an old cartridge, or simply interchanging flavors, they easily twist off the old, used capsule from the battery and replace it with a new, delicious flavor. Most importantly, vapers will need to continue to buy compatible cartridges for the device they have purchased.

What is vape juice?

On the other hand, vape juice is a leveled-up experience opposed to the more traditional methods of vaping. Instead of just purchasing pre-filled flavor packs, you’ll instead need to purchase a bottle of e-liquid to fill your own e-cig tank. While vape juice has the potential to offer you more versatility and control over your flavor — because you can mix various aromas and strengths — it essentially offers you the same classic flavors as flavor cartridges, but with the exception of a more diverse variety.

While vape juice is not as convenient as flavor cartridges, the ability to mix and match your own combinations makes your experience both pleasurable and unique. Just remember that before you leave the comfort of your home for the day, fill your tank full of a mixture that will entice your taste buds as the hour’s pass. Moreover, if you feel that you’re vaping a heightened amount throughout the day, grab yourself a suitable e-cig carrying case that you can use to safely and securely store your vape juice bottles.

The best part is, much like flavor cartridges, many vape juice bottles can be washed and recycled when you’re finished with that particular flavor. Vaping truly is an eco-friendlier nicotine solution!

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the environmental impact of smoking

Cigarettes vs. vaping: The environmental impact

the environmental impact of smoking

While there already is an overwhelming amount of evidence that links combustible cigarettes to many health risks and diseases, there are also other reasons to choose to vape as your nicotine delivery system. The environmental impact of smoking is substantial toxic emissions are being released into the air, second-hand smoke is harming the ecosystem, deforestation is happening at alarming rates and the littering of tobacco products is out of control. Yet, it all comes down to understanding that your ongoing choices towards this long-standing habitual routine possess the power to impact so much more than your future. Let us explain why the environmental impact of smoking is so detrimental.

E-cigarette emissions compared to combustible cigarette emissions

When you take a puff of a traditional cigarette, inhale and follow by exhaling the smoke into the air, the emissions that you’re leaving behind contain toxic, ecologically-threatened pollutants. So, when it comes to environmental emissions, the vapor that’s expelled from your e-cigarettes is far less invasive and damaging.

The contents of most e-juices contain five primary ingredients water, PG, VG, flavorings and various levels of nicotine — however, chooses to not use PG to make any of their signature flavors. Naturally, this means that e-cigarettes are allowing people to take environmental responsibility for their nicotine addiction.

In comparison, the contents of traditional cigarettes contain many toxic carcinogens hydrogen cyanide, tar, other cilia toxic agents and carbon dioxide emissions —  that greatly affect the planet and the atmosphere around it. Essentially, smoking is causing the world to heat up. So, it’s easy to see how we can all benefit from the switch.

Second-hand smoke vs. second-hand vapor

Simply put, second-hand smoke harms those around you. People who are in the vicinity of smokers are constantly being exposed to dangerous, life-threatening carcinogens. This puts them at the risk of developing health issues such as lung disease, heart disease and respiratory infections. While humans are at risk at the hands of second-hand smoke, animals who reside in a smoke-filled environment also possess a danger to their well-being.

That being said, the second-hand vapor is not known for leaving behind toxic air particles and since the ingredients are not deadly, there is no need to worry about what’s left behind once you’re finished puffing on your e-cig. The smell will be gone in seconds.

The rise of tobacco-caused deforestation

Upwards of 540 million trees are cut down each year in order to keep up with the high demand for traditional cigarettes. Moreover, it takes roughly an entire tree to make just 300 smokes (that’s only a carton and a half). Not to mention, forests must be cleared in order to develop fields in order to grow and cure the plant.

“Deforestation for tobacco growing has many serious environmental consequences – including loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and degradation, water pollution and increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide.”

In comparison, e-cigarettes are usable, recyclable devices that give vapers the opportunity to partake in eco-friendly awareness.

The world is overrun with cigarette butts

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most-littered item in the world? It’s astounding to know that something that’s so common in our everyday lives actually accounts for 30% of the world’s litter — with 4.5 trillion cigarettes littered worldwide each year. This reality is detrimental to our ecosystem. Not only do marine life, insects and birds often mistake cigarette butts for food, but these tiny pieces of garbage even lack the capability to degrade over time.

Furthermore, their e-cigarettes counterparts are reusable and when the time comes recyclable at most municipally-run depots.

Are there any other ways that vaping can help the environment? Tell us in the comments section below.


vaping rights

How can you advocate for your vaping rights?

vaping rights

When you’re tossed into the middle of the great-vape-debate it can be challenging to advocate for your vaping rights. Whether it’s a news headline that’s boldly defining vape culture because of a recent health study or simply your neighbor bombarding you with their impartial opinions, it can be hard weigh in on the conversation when you’re constantly left feeling like you need to justify your lifestyle. That being said, isn’t it about time that everyone heard a perspective from the other side? So, if you’re looking for a few ways to defend the vaping community then we propose that you try one of the following methods of persuasion.

Inform your peers

It’s incredibly important for you to spread the knowledge around. Many people have never tried vaping, which means that they obviously won’t be able to go to bat for its advantageous benefits in terms of health and well-being. As an ex-smoker, and a person that has been tormented by the hold of tobacco and nicotine, you’re are a prime advocate to explain how vaping has helped you personally uphold harm reduction to your body. You know all about the destructive power of tobacco and the catastrophic damage of nicotine and you’re using e-cigs to turn your life around. By sharing your story and educating those around you, you may even be able to diversify their perspectives.

Remain informed about the subject

When you choose to engage in political activity, such as the great-vape-debate, you’re choosing to remain informed, engaged, educated and interested in the topic. As a vaper, it’s important to stay up-to-date with any ongoing studies, innovative advancements to the industry and even how the technology is shifting and evolving to meet different needs. If you truly want to be a part of the conversation, then reconstructing your arguments, based on the developing information available, is the perfect place to start. After all, it’s all about breaking down the barriers and spreading awareness.

Suggest a documentary

If your real-life achievements are not enough to persuade your peers, then perhaps an empowering documentary may possess the transformative proposition that’s needed to open the minds of naysayers. As the culture of vaping is constantly expanding, people have become more inclined to learn about it. So why not help suggest a few vaping documentaries that have the power to equip them with relevant information and offer a glimpse into the lives of people who, like you, have benefited from the decision to start vaping.

Are there any other ways that you can advocate for your vaping rights? Drop some suggestions in the comments section below.

vaping facts

Here are a few fun vaping facts

vaping facts

The vaping industry has taken the world by storm with e-cigarettes constantly evolving it can be difficult to keep up with. While there are many articles flooding through the media that are discussing the pros and cons of these nicotine delivery systems, the truth is many people rely on these innovative devices to free themselves from their tobacco dependency and to slowly wean down their nicotine addiction. While this smoking alternative is continuing to benefit the lives of ex-smokers, there are still quite a few interesting vaping facts that are not as commonly known.

E-cigarettes are reusable

While there are many brands that sell disposable e-cigs, most of the popular devices are built with longevity in mind.

For starters, simply twist the battery of your Prime Vapor e-cigarette onto the flavor cartridge of your choice, then inhale to your heart’s content. When the cartridge is empty, unscrew it and replace it with a fresh, delicious flavor. Just remember to keep a backup battery charged and ready-to-go for convenient, on-the-go vaping. Our premium starter kits come packed with everything you need to fulfill an enriched vaping experience.

There are some weird flavors

Vaping has been marketed as a nicotine replacement therapy and a rich alternative to combustible cigarettes, so, why are there so many weird flavors being manufactured? While we understand creativity is an essential element that’s needed to entice more people to switch to vaping, some juice flavors are best kept in their original form — Doritos vape juice, blue cheese vape juice, hot dog vape juice or milk vape juice. What were these crafters thinking?

That being said, if you want to stray away from the original aromas of tobacco or menthol, don’t be afraid to get a little experimental. Sweet, enticing dessert or coffee flavored scents are the perfect way to spice up your vape style without subjecting yourself to some ridiculous fragrance.

Vaping has become a competitive hobby

While many people vape because they enjoy the selection of flavors or the way it helps to satisfy their nicotine craving, some people take vaping to an incredibly serious level. In fact, there are competitive vaping events, known as cloud competitions, that are judged, giving the contestants an opportunity to obtain sponsors and win cash prices. Creativity is one of the judging factors, where vapers are encouraged to perform cool tricks such as blowing smoking rings, balls and ripples to impress the crowds.

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Can vaping help with depression?

health benefits of vaping

While many people turn to e-cigarettes as a way to slowly ease off their addiction to nicotine, coincidentally enough, there are also numerous ways that your health and well-being can benefit from vaping. When you first decide to quit smoking, the change to your habitual routine can cause you to become moody or irritable. You may even go through a temporary stage of depression if you’re determined to quit cold turkey. While this is a completely normal side effect of nicotine withdrawal, vaping offers a subtler approach to quitting nicotine, giving you the option to wean yourself off day-by-day and choose your own nicotine concentration levels. In turn, this can help you to manage any anger, fatigue or emotional irritability. So, here’s how the health benefits of vaping unfold.

What is nicotine withdrawal?

Nicotine is a powerful addictive commonly found in combustible cigarettes that has a wide range of negative effects on your brain and body. In fact, the drug is quickly absorbed by the brain, giving you a false sense of relaxation and stress-relief due to the release of high levels of dopamine — a chemical neurotransmitter that is discharged whenever you feel happy. The worst part is when the nicotine wears away, you’re left in a depressive state that can usually only be alleviated when you smoke another cigarette. This is an endless cycle of reality for someone who’s addicted to nicotine.

How can vaping help reduce depression?

While there are many health benefits of vaping — a decrease in tobacco-related diseases, eased anxiety and even the return of your sense of taste and smell — in our opinion, an increase in your mood and a decrease in your depression are among the most important.

Quitting combustible cigarettes is a big, life-changing decision and many people who choose to go ahead with that journey want a successful outcome. Unfortunately, there are some who do not possess a high level of willpower to contend nicotine addiction. That’s why vaping is so amazing! E-cigarettes take the irritability out of quitting smoking by allowing you to select an e-juice with the nicotine concentration level that you need to get you started. As you become comfortable, you can select one with a lower concentration level and over time, combined with your willpower to become nicotine-free, you may even eventually be able to wean yourself completely off nicotine altogether.

The best part about e-cigarettes is that they grant vapers time to work on their nicotine addiction and they allow their bodies to start repairing themselves. By vaping e-juice with nicotine, your body is getting exactly what it craves, but you’re also freeing yourself from tobacco and keeping your mind thinking positive and constantly moving forward. It’s an essential coping technique, to some degree, because everyone is emotionally and physically unique and may possess contrasting risks for smoking relapses. However, regardless of how you look at it, vaping allows you to remain focused, set goals and get the support that you deserve in order to say goodbye to nicotine for good.

Can you think of any other health benefits of vaping? Share with our readers in the comments section below.

zero nicotine vaping

What are some of the biggest challenges that you face when you decide to quit smoking?

 zero nicotine vaping

Ex-smokers are faced with many difficult tests when they choose to confront their combustible cigarette addiction. These challenges, for some people, can quickly become overpowering, while others are able to confront the problem head-on and stand up for their health and well-being. Needless to say, for those of you who have experienced the vindictive fixation of nicotine, you’ll understand that in order to achieve complete dependence you must overcome some of these troublesome hurtles.

Handling your nicotine withdrawal

Nicotine is a powerful, chemical substance that courses its way through various areas of the body when it’s inhaled from your heart and blood vessels to hormones, metabolism and brain. Once the body has absorbed the contents of the nicotine, it begins to crave it and can become irritable when it’s not immediately rewarded with the drug. This mental battle against cigarettes is different for every smoker and is usually dependent on how often and how much you smoke.

When you make the decision to quit smoking, your body goes through a whirlwind of physical, mental and emotional breakdowns that can often lead to problems like anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia. Yet, the most important part to remember when you’re struggling to get over the hump is that these symptoms will eventually go away.

Needless to say, if you’re fighting a battle with your nicotine cravings, you may want to also try an e-cigarette. These little, handheld devices are incredibly beneficial in terms of weaning an ex-smoker off nicotine because they give the user a choice in terms of nicotine levels. The goal is to start off with a nicotine concentration level that suits your needs and over time wean yourself down to zero nicotine vaping. This way you’re able to combat your nicotine addiction as well as many other mental and physical dependencies that go hand-in-hand with smoking traditional cigarettes.

Handling your cravings and triggers

Although cravings are a normal part of the quitting process, they can be a difficult challenge to deal with. At first, you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place due to your habitual routines and hobbies that coincide with smoking cigarettes. You’ll just have to find other ways to wake up in the morning, to get brain breaks during a tiresome work day and to socially gather with your loved ones. These activities may be the triggers that have the power to pull you back into old habits.

Once you understand your personal triggers, you’re able to manage the urges you possess to have a smoke. You can even fight these cravings by finding other outlets or distractions — getting a gym membership, going for more walks or planning to do more physical activity with your friends and family is a great way to help you get past your cravings and triggers. If the above activities aren’t enough to fight off your urges, because you miss the smell of tobacco or the way your cigarette twirled between your fingers, then grab an e-cig starter kit to help you fulfill your quitting journey. With a plethora of e-juice flavors available, you’ll be able to kickstart your goals and eventually enjoy a carefree, zero nicotine vaping experience.

Handling your mood   

Since your body is going through a lot of changes, it’s not uncommon to experience anxiety, stress or unexplainable mood swings. This is a challenge that you, and your loved ones, need to prepare for.

Firstly, learn some smoke-free ways to cope with your mood. It’s also important to recognize the signs of your mood shift before it starts to happen. Since nicotine has always played games with your mood, releasing endorphins in your brain that make you happy, it’s almost as if your body needs to retrain itself to experience these feelings in a more natural setting. Here are some ways that you can boost your mood.

  • Stay active
  • Put structure in your daily routine
  • Make plans with your loved ones
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Try fun activities that you’ve always been keen on
  • Seek out support
  • Zero nicotine vaping

How are you actively overcoming your cravings to smoke? Tell us in the comments section below.


e-cig starter kits

How do our custom e-juices help kick your traditional cigarette cravings?

e-cig starter kits

Certain surroundings, certain people and certain habitual aspects of your routine can spark a strong urge to want to pick up a cigarette. When this craving suddenly strikes, you start to feel edgy, angry and can even get incredibly stressed if your body’s need for nicotine is not quickly fulfilled. This physical and mental dependence that you’re seeking from the nicotine has taken you on a dangerous health spiral and you may even start to wonder if you’re doomed to repeat this vicious cycle of reliance. Thankfully, when you have a hankering for a smoke, you can suffice your desires for a particular flavor with an e-cig starter kit instead.

What is your choice in kits?

The best part about using an e-cig starter kit to get yourself in the mindset to quit combustible cigarettes is that everything you need to get started in conveniently included for an easy-to-use and compactable experience. The supplies include two state-of-the-art, rechargeable batteries, one USB charger and AC adapter and a five-pack of flavor cartridges in the extract of your choice. For vapers that are a little more experienced, we even have vapor juice starter kits that allow you to add and mix your own assortment of tastes and aromas.

Menthol for those who love mint

If you’re an ex-smoker who craves the intense cooling sensation of an extra minty extract, then there are plenty of vape juices that have the ability to offer you a similar sensation, flavor and the nicotine concentration strength that you’ll need to settle your lust for a traditional cigarette. We have even crafted a few original mint e-juices that possess their own unique, refreshing blend freeport flavor packs, triple mint flavor packs and super cool flavor packs.

Tobacco for those who love cigars

Although many ex-smokers relish in the flavor of untainted tobacco, they also love the robust, rich undertones of a smooth cigar. That’s why we’ve got a few vigorous tobacco flavors that offer the vaper a powerful alternative — rawhide red flavor packs, triple nickel flavor packs and morning blend flavor packs.

Sweet mixtures for those who love desserts

Most people enjoy a heavenly burst of sugar from time-to-time, including ex-smokers. So, for those of you with a sweet tooth, we’ve got an incredible selection when it comes to e-juices. There are a couple pleasant, fruity extracts for vapers who enjoy a more natural sugar-coated flavor — melonberry flavor packs and Tahitian punch flavor packs — and even a few extra lush aromas for all of the dessert lovers out there — cinnamon apple crumble flavor packs and tiramisu flavor packs.

Which e-cig starter kit are you going to grab to combat your traditional cigarette craving? Tell us in the comments section below.    

effects of tobacco use

How does tobacco affect your body systems?

 effects of tobacco use

Most smokers know that there is an ever-growing list that states numerous dangers and negative effects of tobacco use. Yet, generation after generation continues to introduce the substance to their bodies and everyday lives. Regardless of how you safeguard or justify your reason for smoking combustible cigarettes, there are no safe ways to ingest tobacco products. From acetone and tar to nicotine and carbon monoxide, the effects of tobacco use, especially if prolonged, have the power to affect your entire body and lead to a variety of ongoing complications and risks. Now, let’s learn a little bit more about how tobacco has the ability to affect your body and its systems.

The central nervous system

Nicotine, a mood-altering substance that is found within tobacco, has the ability to reach your brain a few seconds after you take a deep puff from your cigarette. While the nicotine will make you feel energized for a while, the effect will soon wear off, make you feel tired and ultimately, make you crave it more. Nicotine is an extremely habit-forming substance that impairs your cognitive functioning, while also making you feel anxious, irritated and depressed.  

The respiratory system

It doesn’t take much research or convincing for you to know that smoke inhalation has the power to damage your lungs. Over time, people who smoke are at a much higher risk of conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. Not to mention, smokers are more prone to coughing, wheezing and asthma attacks.

The cardiovascular system

Smoking is detrimental to your cardiovascular system. Not only does nicotine cause your blood vessels to tighten, and restrict the flow of blood, but over time this damage has the ability to evolve into peripheral artery disease. Smoking also raises your blood pressure, weakens your blood vessel walls (increasing chances for clot clots) and together this drastically raises your risk of having a stroke. A heart attack and numerous variants of heart disease are also health risks that are heightening in smokers.

The integumentary system

This body system consists of your skin, hair and nails. Numerous substances that are found in tobacco can actually change the structure of your skins, increase your likelihood of getting a fungal nail infection and inflate your risk of hair loss, balding or early greyness.

The digestive system

There are many digestive problems that can be added to the extensive list of the effects of tobacco use. While smoking can increase your risks of developing mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus and pancreatic cancer, it can also affect your insulin, making it more likely that you’ll develop diabetes than a person who doesn’t smoke.

The reproductive system

Since nicotine affects your blood flow, for men, this can result in a decreases sexual performance, and for women, a decrease in natural lubrication and an inability to reach an orgasm. Smoking has the ability to lower your sex hormones and decrease sexual desires.

Which one of the effects of tobacco use on your body systems surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments section below.