3 tips for vapers on battery safety

classic e-cigarette battery

 classic e-cigarette battery

Batteries are used every day to provide an assortment of electrical connections to items like TV remotes, smartphones and even vehicle engines. However, while technology has made it simpler to convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook battery safety measures. Vape batteries were created to power straightforward technology and are now often used on more vigorous, modified e-cigarette devices. So, whether you’re someone who’s just starting to get the feeling for vaping or skillful when it comes to using your device, be sure to brush up on the basics in order to properly maintain your classic e-cigarette battery.

Where do you store your batteries?

Batteries, vape or otherwise, are not built to tolerate extremely high or low temperatures. In fact, excessive heat can strain the battery strength and extreme cold can diminish its power capacity. So, in order to promote vaping safety, try storing your new or unused batteries in a cool, dry environment that is away from any direct sun exposure. This precaution will prevent your classic e-cigarette battery from short-circuiting, deforming or exploding. Notably, since Prime Vapor only uses closed battery systems, users are able to feel safe knowing that their battery cell is built in and safe. This way they can enjoy the longevity of the battery working at its optimal capacity while also maintaining a safer alternative.

How should you be charging the batteries?

Vapers should avoid both overcharging and undercharging their batteries. Not only does this physically drain the overall capacity of the charge, but it also impacts the charge level indicator meaning that it will be more difficult for your battery to hold a charge. So, keep your eyes on your device. If the battery level is less than 25%, throw it on the charger and if it’s at 90% or higher, consider unplugging it. Also, it’s important to never leave your classic e-cigarette battery charging overnight and to always use the charger that your device came with. Mix-matching charging cables with an assortment of batteries is a dangerous recipe for disaster.

How should you be caring for your batteries?

Aside from storing and charging them correctly, part of vaping safety involves proper battery care. Take notice of the condition of your battery and note if you see any tears or nicks in the battery wrapping. Also, instead of tossing your extra batteries in your purse or pocket where they can interact with metals, consider an e-cig case or battery stand as an added safety measure.

What other precautions do you take into consideration when it comes to battery safety? Tell us in the comments section below.

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