Why not go nicotine-free this World No-Tobacco Day?

zero nicotine vaping

 zero nicotine vaping

On Friday, May 31, smokers are encouraged to refrain from lighting up in order to draw global attention to the tobacco epidemic, while also increasing universal awareness about the negative impact it has on people’s lung health. Even though this distinct call-to-action is aimed at reducing tobacco consumption, why not further your well-being by making it a nicotine-free day as well! For a little extra motivation, here’s how zero nicotine vaping can help you to fulfill all of your smoke-free goals.

What is zero nicotine vaping?

Zero nicotine e-liquid is a healthier alternative to tobacco and naturally, nicotine-containing e-cigs as well. It still allows you to enjoy the pleasures of vaping inhaling and exhaling the vapor and the feel of the e-cig between your fingers — but without the harmful side effects of both tobacco and nicotine.

Who can benefit from zero nicotine vaping?

Zero nicotine vaping isn’t just for people who have successfully overcome their need for nicotine, it’s also a good option for those who need to fulfill their mental dependency. While there are ex-smokers that miss the way nicotine affects their mind and body, there are also people who simply miss the social and ritualistic aspect of their longstanding routine. With the same hand-to-mouth motions and inhalation techniques as conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are continuing to help ex-smokers maintain their transition by offering 0mg e-liquid in an array of delicious extracts.

What are the advantages of zero nicotine vaping?

Vaping without nicotine allows you to…

  • Start repairing your body: While quitting combustible cigarettes was your first step on your road to a healthier lifestyle, quitting nicotine altogether is just another step in your transitional process. And, since nicotine has been proven to affect your heart, hormones and gastrointestinal system, why not kick it to the curb and take control of your health again?
  • Fulfill your mental dependency: If you don’t miss the displeasing scent and taste of conventional cigarettes, but you do miss the feel of it in your hands, zero nicotine vaping has the power to fulfill this lustful dependency but offering a similar smell, taste and touch.
  • Better flavors: Conventional cigarettes are manufactured in two main flavors — tobacco and menthol — whereas e-cigs come with a colorful selection of decadent fruity and sweet-tasting aromas. Not to mention, with the removal of nicotine as an ingredient, the flavor is far more heightened for the vaper.

What’s your plan for World No-Tobacco Day? Drop a comment below to let our readers know.

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