E-liquid flavor packs that you absolutely need to try this spring

e-liquid flavor packs

 e-liquid flavor packs

Although you should never need an excuse to shake up your current flavor palette, the brilliance of spring can sometimes have the ability to spark a need for renewal. So, why not accompany your demand with an introduction to our dazzling e-liquid flavor pack lineup. These dazzling, custom flavors have the potential to balance the scale when it comes to natural, seasonal aromas. So, it’s about time that you starting vaping the intense extracts of springtime.

Memorizing MelonBerry

April showers bring May flavors and our MelonBerry vape juice is an essence that intertwines so many decadent, fruity aromas. While there are many fruit e-liquid flavor packs that are known for being overwhelmingly sweet, our signature blend presents a more mild, nectarous approach that’s also intensely refreshing. It even combines seasonal favorites like strawberries, watermelon and the piquancy of cherries to create an enticing extract in order to give vapers a candy-coated, lip-smacking aroma that’s best paired with the natural scents of springtime.

Radical Rawhide Red

There’s no flavor more robust than the enriching taste of our Rawhide Tobacco vape juice. This distinct, woody aroma will remind you of your smoking days, but with an earthier essence than what you remember from traditional cigarettes. It’s the best of both worlds for ex-smokers! This a full-bodied signature blend is also our most powerful e-liquid flavor pack, with an intense 3.5% nicotine strength to meet the needs of transitioning smokers. Packed with a punch and a vigorous, hearty odor, it’ll be hard not to roar with delight when you vape this powerful aroma!

Tantalizing Triple Mint

It’s not easy to find a flavor that’s as fresh as a spring morning, but we’ve managed to come up with this signature blend of minty goodness, the Triple Mint vape juice. That’s right! This e-liquid flavor pack tastes just as good as a full-bodied menthol, but unlike traditional menthols, it combines the essence of menthol crystals, peppermint and spearmint. Now, talk about unique! And if that isn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, just think about the rising temperatures of the summer months. It won’t be long before you need help keeping you cool in the blistering heat of June.

Which e-liquid sample pack will you be adding to your cart? Drop a comment below to share your favorite flavor.

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