Some essential tips for properly storing your vape supplies

e-cig starter kits

e-cig starter kits

Great, your off combustibles and you’ve got yourself an innovative e-cig starter kit with a few brilliantly flavored e-juices. Now you can give yourself a pat on the back!

Since you’ve started your vaping journey you’ve probably noticed that your energy levels are continuously rising, that your smoker’s cough is a distant memory and that your sensory tolerance to certain tastes and smells have become heightened. So, now that you’re growing accustom to this technological device, it’s time to start learning some important maintenance procedures. After all, an electronic cigarette, along with other vaping supplies, must be stored accordingly in order to ensure its longevity. Thus, here are a few essential tips for keeping your device and accessories in optimal condition.

Where do you store your accessories?

Stashing your e-cig starter kit on your window sill or in a container above your laundry room dryer are not responsible ways to store your vaping supplies. After all, since an e-cig is an electronic device, heating up its components unnecessarily has the ability to damage the unit. Also, high temperatures have the power to deteriorate the quality of your e-liquid, messing with the flavor compounds and even possibly evaporating your supply if it’s left out in direct sunlight. That’s why it’s important to always store your vape gear in a cool place like a kitchen cupboard or a desk drawer. Keep in mind that there is no place in your home that’s cooler or darker than your refrigerator, so, not only will this storage area keep your e-liquid safe from air and light, but it will also keep it far out of the reach of young children and pets.

How do you store your accessories?

When storing your e-liquid starter kit, it’s always important to consider a place that is safe. For starters, to ensure that your device is properly stowed, grab yourself an e-cig carrying case for a practical, secure way of keeping your on-the-go supplies together. Plus, when you’re not using it, it’s rather easy to place on a shelf up out of reach. We also recommend picking up an e-cig battery stand for a guarded way of charging your device’s battery. These durable stands are designed to hold the battery upwards which keeps it from coming into contact with hazardous materials or surfaces. Just remember to disconnect your device from your charger after it has reached full battery.

Are there any other secure ways to store your e-cig starter kits? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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