How do you fill the tank of your high-performance e-cig?

zero nicotine e-cigs

zero nicotine e-cigs

For those of you who’ve been immersed in the art of vaping for a sizable amount of time, you might find that you come to a point where you’re yearning for a new and innovative experience? While your nicotine-containing or zero nicotine e-cigs starter kit has provided a considerable amount of support in terms of keeping you away from the stronghold of combustible cigarette, there’s always other unique ways that you can test the trials of contemporary technology. So, if you’re ready for a more advanced encounter with your vaping device, perhaps a high-performance vapor juice kit may be the right brew to get you excited about different vaping style. Needless to say, before you’re fit to savor this inventive experience, you should probably first learn how to fill the tank of this ingenious device.

How do you fill your cartomizer?

Since you’re used to the carefree simplicity of prefilled e-cig cartomizers, it’s time for you to grasp how uncomplicated it really is for you to do it yourself. So, here’s a step-by-step for you to follow:

  • Start by using something sharp (a thumbtack for example) to remove the small, white disc that covers the cartomizer. Stick the sharp point into the tiny hole and push it aside.
  • Hold your tank at a 40 to 60-degree angle while squeezing just a few drops into your cartomizer. Align the liquid to fall onto the walls of the tank, while slowly rotating it to allow for an evened fill.
  • Ensure that you do not fill it over its full capacity line. This will be clearly marked.
  • Place the small, white disc back in its initial position.
  • Let the cartomizer sit on an even surface for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Attach the cartomizer to your e-cig battery and then enjoy your vape.

How do you get the most out of your high-performance device?

  • Ensure that your setup has a durable, high-quality clearomizer (tank).
  • Mix around your vape juices to find your own unique, desired flavor. You can even blend nicotine-containing and zero nicotine e-cig vape juices in order to find the perfect commixture to meet your nicotine needs.
  • Play around with your inhalation techniques so that you’re able to customize your experience. After all, smoke vapers enjoy big, lush clouds, while others are more in it for the plethora of flavors.

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