How do you select the right e-liquid for your vaping style?

zero PG blends

zero PG blends

Whether you’re looking to make the life-changing switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes or you’re simply looking for a vaping revision, it’s important to understand that the ingredients contents of your e-liquid have the ability to affect the flavor and consistency. That being said, do you know how your chosen ingredient percentage affects your vaping experience?

What are the prime ingredients in e-liquid?

The vapor in your e-cigarette is produced from e-liquid which primarily consists of five ingredients — water, nicotine, flavorings, PG and VG.

PG, also known as Propylene Glycol, and VG, also known as Vegetable Glycerin are non-toxic, organic compounds that are used in an abundance of personal care products and as food additives in many items that we consume — for example, ketchup, soda, ice cream or salad dressing.

How do PG and VG differ?

There are many e-liquids that are available on the market that contain mixtures that vary in the percentage of PG and VG. Although at, we only craft zero PG blends. Needless to say, we believe that it’s important to know what each ingredient has to offer.

PG e-liquids are much thinner in their consistency and are known for producing very little vapor. Since PG is an odorless substance, it usually takes on the tastes of the flavorings it’s paired with. While it offers an overpowering intensity of flavor, this also makes inhalation of PG-rich vapor much harsher on the throat. It’s important to keep in mind that although popular, high-percentage PG e-liquids are known to cause allergic reactions — for example, tingling sensations within the throat.

On the other hand, VG e-liquids possess a thicker consistency which creates a more intense vapor production. They are known for exhibiting an incredible sweetness and can sometimes make flavorings subtle to detect. Although, through trial and error, Prime Vapor has managed to create robust, unique aromas using only VG. Yet, the best part is since the flavor isn’t as intense a PG-rich e-liquid, vapers are able to actually enjoy the vaping experience, the subtle essences and the mild throat hit that zero PG blends offer.

Why does only offer zero PG blends?

We take pride in crafting e-juices using the best, all-natural ingredients. By using VG exclusively, we’ve taken the time to formulate flavors that don’t require any PG. That being said, while it’s true that PG is found in many foods and healthcare products, it’s also found in petroleum and natural gas, whereas VG is a substance made from palm oil.

“We knew that using an all-natural vapor base was preferable to a kissing cousin or radiator fluid.”

  • Bill Fischer, President

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