Flavor cartridges or vape juice? What’s the difference?

e-cig flavor cartridges

e-cig flavor cartridges

Vaping is a rapidly growing industry that offers ex-smokers a healthier and much more convenient alternative to the more traditional methods of nicotine delivery. Regardless of whether you’re new to the culture of vaping or you simply want to change up your experience, knowing how e-cig flavor cartridges and vape juice differ is a great way to start gaining some insight within the scene. That being said, it’s also important to understand your options, which is why we want to break down any discrepancies you may have.

The basics

Both e-cig flavor cartridges and vape juice serve the same function — providing you a certain percentage of nicotine concentration in the form of inhalable, flavored vapor. While they both come in an array of desirable mixtures, such as tobacco or menthol, each serves their own abilities to help ex-smokers ease their transition between away from conventional smoking. Now, let’s get a little more advanced about the subject.

What is an e-cig flavor cartridge?

Flavor cartridges are the original e-cigarette aromatic technology and are conveniently packed into safe, easy-use-use capsules that remain intact while you’re out on-the-go. In fact, these extracts are still incredibly popular amongst first-time vapers.

Keeping up with the theme of simplicity, e-cig flavor cartridges come pre-filled with whatever essence the vaper decides is enjoyable and are easily discarded, and sometimes even recycled, once they are empty. When a vaper is removing an old cartridge, or simply interchanging flavors, they easily twist off the old, used capsule from the battery and replace it with a new, delicious flavor. Most importantly, vapers will need to continue to buy compatible cartridges for the device they have purchased.

What is vape juice?

On the other hand, vape juice is a leveled-up experience opposed to the more traditional methods of vaping. Instead of just purchasing pre-filled flavor packs, you’ll instead need to purchase a bottle of e-liquid to fill your own e-cig tank. While vape juice has the potential to offer you more versatility and control over your flavor — because you can mix various aromas and strengths — it essentially offers you the same classic flavors as flavor cartridges, but with the exception of a more diverse variety.

While vape juice is not as convenient as flavor cartridges, the ability to mix and match your own combinations makes your experience both pleasurable and unique. Just remember that before you leave the comfort of your home for the day, fill your tank full of a mixture that will entice your taste buds as the hour’s pass. Moreover, if you feel that you’re vaping a heightened amount throughout the day, grab yourself a suitable e-cig carrying case that you can use to safely and securely store your vape juice bottles.

The best part is, much like flavor cartridges, many vape juice bottles can be washed and recycled when you’re finished with that particular flavor. Vaping truly is an eco-friendlier nicotine solution!

Do you prefer e-cig flavor cartridges or vape juice? Tell us why in the comments section below.

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