Here are a few fun vaping facts

vaping facts

vaping facts

The vaping industry has taken the world by storm with e-cigarettes constantly evolving it can be difficult to keep up with. While there are many articles flooding through the media that are discussing the pros and cons of these nicotine delivery systems, the truth is many people rely on these innovative devices to free themselves from their tobacco dependency and to slowly wean down their nicotine addiction. While this smoking alternative is continuing to benefit the lives of ex-smokers, there are still quite a few interesting vaping facts that are not as commonly known.

E-cigarettes are reusable

While there are many brands that sell disposable e-cigs, most of the popular devices are built with longevity in mind.

For starters, simply twist the battery of your Prime Vapor e-cigarette onto the flavor cartridge of your choice, then inhale to your heart’s content. When the cartridge is empty, unscrew it and replace it with a fresh, delicious flavor. Just remember to keep a backup battery charged and ready-to-go for convenient, on-the-go vaping. Our premium starter kits come packed with everything you need to fulfill an enriched vaping experience.

There are some weird flavors

Vaping has been marketed as a nicotine replacement therapy and a rich alternative to combustible cigarettes, so, why are there so many weird flavors being manufactured? While we understand creativity is an essential element that’s needed to entice more people to switch to vaping, some juice flavors are best kept in their original form — Doritos vape juice, blue cheese vape juice, hot dog vape juice or milk vape juice. What were these crafters thinking?

That being said, if you want to stray away from the original aromas of tobacco or menthol, don’t be afraid to get a little experimental. Sweet, enticing dessert or coffee flavored scents are the perfect way to spice up your vape style without subjecting yourself to some ridiculous fragrance.

Vaping has become a competitive hobby

While many people vape because they enjoy the selection of flavors or the way it helps to satisfy their nicotine craving, some people take vaping to an incredibly serious level. In fact, there are competitive vaping events, known as cloud competitions, that are judged, giving the contestants an opportunity to obtain sponsors and win cash prices. Creativity is one of the judging factors, where vapers are encouraged to perform cool tricks such as blowing smoking rings, balls and ripples to impress the crowds.

Which one of our fun vaping facts were you most surprised about? Tell us in the comments section below.


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