Can vaping help with depression?

health benefits of vaping

While many people turn to e-cigarettes as a way to slowly ease off their addiction to nicotine, coincidentally enough, there are also numerous ways that your health and well-being can benefit from vaping. When you first decide to quit smoking, the change to your habitual routine can cause you to become moody or irritable. You may even go through a temporary stage of depression if you’re determined to quit cold turkey. While this is a completely normal side effect of nicotine withdrawal, vaping offers a subtler approach to quitting nicotine, giving you the option to wean yourself off day-by-day and choose your own nicotine concentration levels. In turn, this can help you to manage any anger, fatigue or emotional irritability. So, here’s how the health benefits of vaping unfold.

What is nicotine withdrawal?

Nicotine is a powerful addictive commonly found in combustible cigarettes that has a wide range of negative effects on your brain and body. In fact, the drug is quickly absorbed by the brain, giving you a false sense of relaxation and stress-relief due to the release of high levels of dopamine — a chemical neurotransmitter that is discharged whenever you feel happy. The worst part is when the nicotine wears away, you’re left in a depressive state that can usually only be alleviated when you smoke another cigarette. This is an endless cycle of reality for someone who’s addicted to nicotine.

How can vaping help reduce depression?

While there are many health benefits of vaping — a decrease in tobacco-related diseases, eased anxiety and even the return of your sense of taste and smell — in our opinion, an increase in your mood and a decrease in your depression are among the most important.

Quitting combustible cigarettes is a big, life-changing decision and many people who choose to go ahead with that journey want a successful outcome. Unfortunately, there are some who do not possess a high level of willpower to contend nicotine addiction. That’s why vaping is so amazing! E-cigarettes take the irritability out of quitting smoking by allowing you to select an e-juice with the nicotine concentration level that you need to get you started. As you become comfortable, you can select one with a lower concentration level and over time, combined with your willpower to become nicotine-free, you may even eventually be able to wean yourself completely off nicotine altogether.

The best part about e-cigarettes is that they grant vapers time to work on their nicotine addiction and they allow their bodies to start repairing themselves. By vaping e-juice with nicotine, your body is getting exactly what it craves, but you’re also freeing yourself from tobacco and keeping your mind thinking positive and constantly moving forward. It’s an essential coping technique, to some degree, because everyone is emotionally and physically unique and may possess contrasting risks for smoking relapses. However, regardless of how you look at it, vaping allows you to remain focused, set goals and get the support that you deserve in order to say goodbye to nicotine for good.

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