How do our custom e-juices help kick your traditional cigarette cravings?

e-cig starter kits

e-cig starter kits

Certain surroundings, certain people and certain habitual aspects of your routine can spark a strong urge to want to pick up a cigarette. When this craving suddenly strikes, you start to feel edgy, angry and can even get incredibly stressed if your body’s need for nicotine is not quickly fulfilled. This physical and mental dependence that you’re seeking from the nicotine has taken you on a dangerous health spiral and you may even start to wonder if you’re doomed to repeat this vicious cycle of reliance. Thankfully, when you have a hankering for a smoke, you can suffice your desires for a particular flavor with an e-cig starter kit instead.

What is your choice in kits?

The best part about using an e-cig starter kit to get yourself in the mindset to quit combustible cigarettes is that everything you need to get started in conveniently included for an easy-to-use and compactable experience. The supplies include two state-of-the-art, rechargeable batteries, one USB charger and AC adapter and a five-pack of flavor cartridges in the extract of your choice. For vapers that are a little more experienced, we even have vapor juice starter kits that allow you to add and mix your own assortment of tastes and aromas.

Menthol for those who love mint

If you’re an ex-smoker who craves the intense cooling sensation of an extra minty extract, then there are plenty of vape juices that have the ability to offer you a similar sensation, flavor and the nicotine concentration strength that you’ll need to settle your lust for a traditional cigarette. We have even crafted a few original mint e-juices that possess their own unique, refreshing blend freeport flavor packs, triple mint flavor packs and super cool flavor packs.

Tobacco for those who love cigars

Although many ex-smokers relish in the flavor of untainted tobacco, they also love the robust, rich undertones of a smooth cigar. That’s why we’ve got a few vigorous tobacco flavors that offer the vaper a powerful alternative — rawhide red flavor packs, triple nickel flavor packs and morning blend flavor packs.

Sweet mixtures for those who love desserts

Most people enjoy a heavenly burst of sugar from time-to-time, including ex-smokers. So, for those of you with a sweet tooth, we’ve got an incredible selection when it comes to e-juices. There are a couple pleasant, fruity extracts for vapers who enjoy a more natural sugar-coated flavor — melonberry flavor packs and Tahitian punch flavor packs — and even a few extra lush aromas for all of the dessert lovers out there — cinnamon apple crumble flavor packs and tiramisu flavor packs.

Which e-cig starter kit are you going to grab to combat your traditional cigarette craving? Tell us in the comments section below.    

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