Holiday gift ideas for the vaper in your life

e-cigarette gift ideas

 e-cigarette gift ideas

It’s finally the holiday season! Instead of aimlessly buying your loved one’s gifts that will go unused and hoard the space in their homes, surprise them with a few simple presents that are a huge part of their everyday routine…vaping. An exclusive, new flavor cartridge or a handy piece of vaping gear may be just the right present to gift wrap and hand out. So, why not make shopping for the season fun and avoid the hustlle and bustle of the busy festive crowds by purchasing your unique e-cigarette gift ideas online instead?

Gift wrap an e-cig starter kit

If you know someone who has been looking to upgrade to a high-quality vaporizer or you have a loved one who has been talking about quitting combustible cigarettes, then perhaps one of our starter kits would be a good e-cigarette gift idea. These kits give vapers everything they need to have the ultimate vaping experience and come loaded with two state-of-the-art batteries, a pack of premium, long-lasting flavor cartridges and a USB charger and AC adapter. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient e-cigarette gift ideas and often the perfect choice for any first-time vapers or soon-to-be e-cig lovers on your holiday shopping list. The best part is that these specialized starter kits are offered in a variety of flavors including traditional tobacco and menthol as well as a variety of zero nicotine options.

A few new flavors

Even experienced vapers enjoy a change in pace, so, why not fill their stockings full of some unique and tasty vapor juices that they would never think to buy for themselves. If your loved one was a long-time, heavy tobacco smoker, they may enjoy the robust taste of a tobacco vape juice with a subtle hint of cherry or a smooth coffee combination. If you’re shopping for a vaper with a sweet tooth, a little twist of MelonBerry or a touch of Caramel Macchiato might spark some holiday cheer.

For the vaper who has it all

T’was the month before Christmas and all through our store, we found that our customers were buying more accessories than before. That’s right, new vape gear is all the buzz! Tick off your holiday shopping list with a Prime E-Cigarette Case, an Aluminum E-Cig Battery Stand or a useful e-cigarette lanyard. Good tidings you’ll bring to you and your kin when you order some e-cigarette gift ideas from

Which e-cigarette gift ideas will you be adding to your shopping cart for the holidays? Tell us in the comments section below.

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