Can vaping stain your teeth?

oral health

oral health

Many people make the switch from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping because they want to take control of their health. The effects of smoking on the body are no mystery the more you smoke, the more damage is done to your circulation, heart, brain, lungs, stomach, skin, mouth and bones. The good news is, many of the above health problems have the ability to rapidly start repairing themselves when you toss out your pack of cigarettes. Although it’s easier said than done, switching to vaping offers a plethora of health benefits to people that are having trouble battling their nicotine addiction. However, oral health and appearance also benefit from the lifestyle change. Switching to vaping aids in getting rid of your bad cigarette breath, yellowish fingernails and can even prevent your teeth from staining yellow.

How does vaping impact your oral health?

Studies suggest that vaping actually improves the state of your oral health. This is because vapor is mainly steam, being that e-liquid only contains up to five prime ingredients — PG (depending on the brand), VG, flavoring, water and nicotine (depending on the vaper) — unlike traditional cigarettes that contain over 4000 chemicals, including tar, which is the prime additive that is known to stain the teeth of those who smoke.

However, that doesn’t mean that vaping is completely risk free when it comes to your oral health. Research suggests that nicotine also has the ability to give your pearly whites a yellow tinge. Although nicotine is colorless, when it’s combined with oxygen molecules, it also can become slightly yellow in color. So, if you want your teeth to remain stain free, over time you will need to wean yourself off of your craving for nicotine and vape zero nicotine products instead.  

How else can you avoid staining your teeth?

It’s a wise idea to cut back on your intake of coffee, tea and wine as well as anything else that contains artificial colorings. Also, cleaning your teeth twice a day, flossing and visiting the dentist at these twice a year for a routine checkup will help keep your teeth sparkling.

Have you noticed any impact on your oral health since you started vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.


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