Save money by making the switch to vaping

save money by vaping

save money by vaping

There are endless reasons for people to switch to vaping. Sometimes ex-smokers make the change because they want to start repairing their bodies, while other times it’s because they’re tired of the side effects of smoking combustible cigarettes. Whatever your reasoning is, I’ll bet that you didn’t know that you can actually save money by vaping as well. We’ve pulled together a few tips to help you put some money back into your wallets when you replace your smokes with a state-of-the-art e-cigarette technology.

Purchase a starter kit

Starter kits are not only the most efficient way to make your first vaping purchase, but they are also usually the most economic as well. Often featuring everything you need to start vaping, including a few flavor cartridges, starter kits are the perfect way to start saving a few bucks.

Make your own e-juice

Now, this pointer is really only directed towards the more advanced vaper, but vapers who have the knowledge, understanding and the tools required could save money by vaping their own heavenly crafted e-juices. Just be sure to read one of our previous blog posts about how to get started by creating your own e-juice batch. Why not get creative?

Shop Online

Shopping for your vaping gear online is incredibly advantageous when it comes to savings. Not only do you have the option to search around for the best deal, but you also have access to special discounts and online only sales. You also have the ability to sign up for e-newsletters, which are usually loaded with tons of amazing offers.  

No cigarette taxes

Every state in the U.S. has a different cigarette tax that is tagged onto  the final price of your pack of combustible cigarettes. Currently ranging anywhere from .30 cents to almost $5, purchasing traditional cigarettes can really break the bank for smokers. However, vaping products are not subject to this additional taxes which make them a more economic choice when you are trying to put away some extra savings.

Are there any other ways that you’ve saved money by vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.


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