Stop smoking and start repairing your body

quitting smoking health benefits

quitting smoking health benefits

Many smokers are full of excuses as to why they should not quit the most common being that they have already smoked for such a long time and the damage has been done. However, that simply is not the case. You could smoke for one year, 10 years or over 30 years, yet the moment you finally decide to take that leap of faith and quit smoking, your body will start to repair that so-called, seemingly unfixable damage that smoking tobacco has caused. Although, how capable is your body of this rehabilitation process?

The immediate quitting smoking health benefits

The human body is absolutely amazing, especially in its ability to heal. Almost immediately after you decide to quit smoking combustible cigarettes your body will begin its healing process.

Within 20 minutes your pulse and blood pressure with drop back to normal, while your hands and feet will warm up to their usual temperatures. Roughly eight hours later half of the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide that was circulating throughout your blood steam will already be gone. Within 12 hours, you’ll notice that your heart isn’t pumping as hard because it is now able to receive the appropriate amount of oxygen. Furthermore, after a full 24 hours you’ve actually managed to decrease your chances of a heart attack — a huge milestone for heavy smokers who are twice as likely to develop heart conditions.

Quitting smoking health benefits after a few months

Although you’ve already made a huge stride by deciding to quit, between two weeks to three months, you’ll feel an overwhelming amount of strength return to your body.

You may now notice that the shortness of breath you once experienced after a heavy workout has now subsided, as your lungs have been working hard to repair themselves. At this point in your recovery, you’ve most likely made it through the hardest part of your nicotine withdrawal.

If you’re finding that your strides are a little slower, that’s okay too. Many ex-smokers use electronic cigarettes to slowly wean themselves off of their nicotine addictions — with e-juices available in different nicotine concentrations.

Quitting smoking health benefits after a few years

Not only is being smoke-free for a few years an amazing milestone, but your body thanks you tremendously.

After five years, your chances of having a stroke or cervical cancer are now the same as someone who has never smoked a day in their life. After 10 years, your half as likely to get lung cancer. Finally, after 15 years of not smoking combustible cigarettes, your chances of heart disease become the same as a non-smoker.

It’s time to start giving your body the opportunity to heal and repair itself. It is never too late to reap the benefits of quitting a bad habit that you’ve rationalized for years.

Have you experienced your body repairing itself first-hand? Tell us about your journey in the comments section below.

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