Zero nicotine vape juice flavors customized by Prime Vapor

zero nicotine vape juice

zero nicotine vape juice

Becoming completely nicotine-free can feel as if you have conquered the world, and in ways the reality of your journey to get there is rather comparable. Needless to say, congratulations on crushing your addiction and coming out on top. Although you have successfully used electronic cigarettes as a means to beat your physical dependency to nicotine, you might still remain enslaved to your psychological fixation to the feeling of having something in your hands. That’s okay! Prime Vapor has crafted some delightful concoctions that will entice your entire flavor palette.

Coffee lovers

Mixing a decadent blend of rich coffee, smooth chocolate and full-bodied tobacco, the Morning Blend flavor cartridge is both delicious and bursting with flavor. If the feeling of pairing your combustible cigarette with your coffee in the morning seems like only a distant memory, try this zero nicotine vape juice as a morning routine replacement.

Tobacco lovers

For nicotine-free vapers that are seeking a taste of the old life, we carry two distinct tobacco-flavored, zero nicotine vape juices. Rawhide Red and Triple Nickel flavor cartridges imitate the famous combustible cigarette blends without any of the added health concerns associated with real tobacco. Yet, if you were once a heavy smoker and find yourself missing the taste or the heavy throat hits, then these zero nicotine vape juice flavors are offered in the perfect strengths for you.

Menthol lovers

Do you enjoy the signature minty flavor that only an ex-smoker of menthols can understand? Freeport and Triple Mint flavor cartridges will tantalize the taste buds of your mint loving desires. Vape the essence of both spearmint and peppermint with these two delicious, zero nicotine vape juice flavors. It was mint to be!

Dessert lovers

Everyone has a little sweet tooth, even vapers who don’t need nicotine. Naturally, we’ve crafted a few heavenly zero nicotine vape juices that are so incredibly tempting that they will appeal to your dessert loving nature. We have an exquisite MelonBerry, a rich Caramel Macchiato and a divine Tiramisu flavor cartridge. Who says that zero nicotine vape juices have to be boring?

Now that you know which zero nicotine vape juices we offer, which one will you be tempted to test out? Tell us in the comments section below.

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