Two of the top FAQ by Prime Vapor Customers

frequently asked questions about vaping

frequently asked questions about vaping

E-cigarettes are still a relatively new technology that have the potential to aid as a nicotine replacement therapy, as well as a harm reduction strategy, when to compared to smoking cigarettes. Even though these devices can simulate a smoking experience, yet without the added chemicals that are inhaled when tobacco is lit, there are still a lot of questions that people often have when they are switching to vaping. As a leading manufacturing that takes pride in helping smokers make this life-changing transition, Prime Vapor is always delighted to answer our customers frequently asked questions about vaping. Here are a couple that we have decided to highlight based on your suggestions.

Question #1: Which e-cig starter kit is right for me?

You’ve done some research but since you are relatively new to the world of vaping you are still finding that the options are a bit overwhelming when it comes to which e-cig starters kit to get. As one of our most frequently asked questions about vaping, we want our customers to know that there is an abundance of possibilities that target current smokers, ex-smokers and non-smokers.

If you are currently smoking combustible cigarettes, but you’re wanting to switch to e-cigs as an alternative, then the best e-cig starter kit for you would probably be one that contains an e-juice that is offered with higher nicotine content. This will ensure that your vaping experience will be very comparable to your prior smoking experience. The best option for a smoker that is transitioning into vaping is the Tobacco E-Cigarette Starter Kit. It is known for its uncomplicated technology, juices that contain higher percentages of nicotine and also offer the same robust, tobacco flavoring that your body craves. This starter kit is also offered as a Menthol E-Cig Starter Kit.

On the other hand, if you are an ex-smoker or someone that enjoys the smooth experience that vaping offers, then the ideal e-cig starter kit for you would be one that allows you to take advantage of the diversity of flavors without any added nicotine content. Our Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit would work best in your situation, as it comes in delicious rather than traditional e-juice flavors that will give you all the sensation that you remember loving when you used to smoke.   

Question #2: How do Prime Vapor e-cigs work?

Now this a fair question to ask for someone that has never owned or operated an electronic cigarette. The best part about a Prime Vapor E-Cig is that our products are very simple to use because they consist of two interlocking parts that twist together. This simple, easy-to-use technology takes a top-of-the-line battery and screws it to a flavor cartridge. As seen below.

Once the two pieces are put together, the microprocessor-controlled battery will automatically heat the juice and all you have to do is inhale the vapor. It’s probably one of the most straightforward e-cigarettes on the market, when compared to others that require the user to empty e-liquid into a chamber between vape sessions. Once our flavor cartridge is empty, simply twist it off and replace it will a new one.

Do you have any other frequently asked questions about vaping that you would like us to address in another blog post? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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